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Cooking Conversion Chart

Cooking Conversion Chart

Last updated on 6/8/2018

Knowing how to convert measurements is an important skill to have in the kitchen. For example, in a restaurant or catering setting, you might have to convert a recipe that serves 300 people to accommodate 500 people. Additionally, if you're using a family recipe or one from the internet, you'll have to scale it up for use in a commercial environment. Cooking conversions are also especially useful in bakeries, where the ratio of ingredients needs to be exact to get the desired effect. Since memorizing volume conversions and converting between the U.S. and metric systems can be confusing, we created a cooking conversion chart for you to print out and keep on hand in your restaurant or bakery.

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U.S. Measurements

The U.S. system of measurements is based on the old British Imperial system, and the U.S. remains one of the few countries in the world that hasn’t switched to metric. Because so many chefs and recipes come out of the U.S., understanding this system and how to scale recipes remains a necessity., understanding this system and how to scale recipes remains a necessity.

U.S. Liquid Measurements

U.S. liquid measurements are used for measuring the volume of various liquids used in the cooking process. It is important to know how to convert measurements by liquid volume because liquid measurements are used widely in both commercial kitchens and bakeries.

US liquid volume measurement conversion chart

U.S. to Metric Conversions

Outside of the U.S., you’re likely to find different units of measurement in the kitchen. Instead of pounds, cups, and Fahrenheit, you’ll see kilograms, milliliters, and Celsius. It is important to note that many of these conversions do not even out perfectly, so for recipes that require exact measurements, it is best to do the calculations yourself and measure as accurately as possible.

U.S. to Metric Weight Conversions

Weight measurements are often used in commercial kitchens for determining the amount of meat to use in a recipe or portioning an exact amount of food, but these measurements are also handy when ordering food in bulk. If you order produce from out of the country, you may have to convert the measurements to ensure you're buying enough.

imperial to metric weight conversion chart

U.S. to Metric Liquid Conversions

Converting liquid volume is a convenient skill for bakers using recipes from around the world. Because baking is an exact science, the conversions should be as precise as possible, so try not to round up or down when measuring out your ingredients.

US to metric liquid conversion chart

U.S. to Metric Temperature Conversions

In cooking, there are two main systems of measurement for temperature: Fahrenheit, the system used in the U.S., and Celsius, the system used in most other countries. Understanding how temperature is measured is very important in the food service industry since many foods need to be heated to a specific internal temperature before they are safe to eat.

fahrenheit to celsius temperature conversions

Converting measurements between the U.S. and metrics systems doesn't need to halt your operation as you continue adding recipes and baked goods to your menu. Download our cooking conversions chart as an easy reference for your staff and keep your kitchen running smoothly.

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