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French Fry Holder Guide

French fries are an all-time favorite, and serving them up in the right french fry holder is important. French fry containers come in a variety of materials and shapes, making it easy to find one to match the style of your business. As a bonus, they also help you serve a consistent portion to guests and manage product costs efficiently.

French Fry Container Materials

A holder serves three useful functions for restaurants. It can:

    1. Provide a clean eating experience for guests
    2. Ensure consistent serving sizes
    3. Create an appealing presentation of food

When choosing a fry holder for your business, make sure you consider your needs! A fast-paced business serving product in high volume will need a different type of holder compared to a sit-down establishment serving fries at a slower pace. There are a few popular materials used to make holders, and each type offers its own set of benefits. You'll also want to consider whether you want to use reusable French fry holders, or disposable French fry holders. Here are some of the most common types with a comparison of the four varying materials below:





On-the-go Application
Easy to Clean
Eco-friendly Material
Durable Design

Disposable French Fry Holder Sizes

While holders come in a variety of sizes, most often disposable ones offer the same type of holder in small, medium, large, or extra-large sizes. For businesses that offer fast-paced service or the same meal in multiple sizes, this is the perfect way to scale the amount of fries to match the portion of food provided.

Like the above, the size of the holder depends on its shape and capacity or dimensions. For cup and scoop style holders, the sizing is determined by its solid fry ounces. However, french fry bags are categorized differently. With disposable bags, the size is determined by the width and height.

The chart below provides a break down of how the sizes are listed for the disposable holders offered on our site:

Fry Scoops

Fry Cups

Fry Scoop Cups

Fry Bags

Munchie Cups

4 oz.
2.4 oz.
5.5 oz.
5.5 oz. / 12 oz.
5.5 oz.
5.5 oz.
3.5 oz.
7.5 oz.
7.5 oz. / 16 oz.
7.5 oz.
7.5 oz.
4.5 oz.
9 oz. / 32 oz.
9 oz.
9 oz.
9 oz.

How a French Fry Holder's Shape Affects Its Capacity

French fry holders also come in a variety of shapes. Understanding how the shape affects the capacity can help you choose one that is a best fit for your business and its product volume.

A container's capacity is measured in solid fry ounces, or weight. This measures how many ounces of solid food, like fries, you can fit into the holder. Keep in mind that the capacities provided are estimates, and not exact measurements like liquid ounces, since items like fries vary in shape and won't fully fill the space inside a holder.

Each shape above is measured differently to gauge how many fries it can hold. Below the images illustrate where each type is measured for its capacity. Holders can come in 5 main shapes:

Restaurant Equipment

1. French Fry Scoops

 The capacity of the scoop is determined near the high point of the back. The capacity for this holder can vary depending how you fill it between the high and low points at the top. The high back and angled rim also make it a breeze to scoop product right out of the warmer. 

Restaurant Equipment

2. French Fry Cups

No area goes unused with this shape, and its capacity is measured from top to bottom. The cup style is ideal for guests sitting down to eat fries, since the wide base rests easily on a table top and stabalizes the product for consumption.



Restaurant Equipment

3. French Fry Scoop Cups

Shaped like a cup but blended with a scoop design, this holdler provides the space of a cup and the extra capacity at the top like a scoop. Its capacity is determined around the high point in the back, but can vary depending on how you fill it. The wide cup base makes this holder great for resting on tables.

Restaurant Equipment

4. French Fry Cones

The cone's capacity can vary, like the scoop, but its measurement is determined closer to the higher point on the back side. This shape is beneficial for operations where customers are taking fries on the go. The cone shape is comfortable to hold and provides a stylish presentation.



Restaurant Equipment

5. French Fry Bags

This shape's capacity stops at the lower edge of the bag, and allows you to fill most of the bag while leaving a little space at the top. This shape is ideal for carrying fries away or keeping them in place for transport.



Additional Uses for French Fry Containers

French fry holders are more than just a convenient way to serve fries, they offer an additional way for you to impress your customers!

View Stylized Holders
Restaurant Equipment

Great for Serving Other Foods

The value of a french fry holder can go beyond offering portion control for your product. Holders are great for a variety of appetizers, and are useful for more items than just fries. Fry holders can be used to serve mozzarella sticks, fried oysters, onion rings, tater tots, and even desserts!

Restaurant Equipment

Enhance Any Presentation

Consider serving fries in a holder that fits your modern, chic, or rustic flair. Offering your fries or other foods in this way can accent your menu and create a memorable dining experience for guests. Think of holders as a way to enhance your presentation!


Restaurant Equipment

Communicate a Theme

In addition to enhancing a presentaton, you can use fry holders to create a coheisve look on your tabletop! Holders come in a variety of styles and unique shapes to fit the theme of your establishment.

The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. Please refer to our Content Policy for more details.

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