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Carlisle EZSnap Floor Brush System Guide

If you’ve been wondering how to make the most of your rotary floor machine, then you should start with understanding the differences between floor pads and floor brushes. Eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and highly effective on a variety of floors, brushes are a great alternative to floor pads, and the switch is simple. Follow this guide to find out everything you need to know about the benefits of brushes.

Why Switch Your Floor Pads for Floor Brushes?

  • Cost-Effective: Floor pads require frequent replacement, and over time the operation costs add up. With floor brushes, you won’t have to spend as much on replacement costs thanks to their superior durability and longevity. Just 1 brush lasts as long as 100 floor pads!
  • Eco-Friendly: For the same reason that floor brushes are more cost-effective than floor pads, brushes are also more eco-friendly. Easily embrace going green by reducing your rotary floor machine-related waste. Use brushes longer and dispose fewer of them than floor pads.
  • Easy to Maintain: To help extend the lifespan of floor brushes, a simple rotation will work wonders. With use, brush bristles will begin to bend in the direction that the brush spins. If the machine uses more than one brush at a time, then swap the brushes for continued, effective cleaning, even with prior extended use.
  • Better on Floors: If your floor has texture, then floor pads can’t penetrate the grooves and clean out the build-up. Floor brush bristles, however, can reach into dips in the flooring to eliminate hard-to-reach dirt and grime. Bristles of varied lengths are ideal for this type of floor, as the shorter bristles work on the higher surfaces and the longer bristles work to sweep out the deeper nooks and crannies.

How Should I Select a Floor Brush?

Before buying a floor brush, you have several questions to ask yourself, much like you do whenever you purchase a floor pad. This guide will walk you through answering the questions below, so after considering them for a moment, continue reading to find out what you need to know about selecting the right floor brush for your needs!

  • What type of floor do I have?
  • What do I want to do with my floor (clean, polish, strip, etc.)?
  • Is the brush compatible with my machine?

What are the Common Materials?

Though there are others, these are some of the most common materials used in rotary floor brushes. Consider your expected usage as you read down through the list.
Example Use Properties
Oreck Floor Machine 237048 Natural Colored 12 inch Union Mix Brush
  • Polishing and other gentle applications

  • Usually a mixture of white Tampico and palmyra, though it can be made of a combination of other materials

    • White Tampico
      Natural fiber
      Naturally resistant to acids
      Used extensively for marble care
      Slightly abrasive

      Natural fiber
      Moderately stiff

  • Regular cleaning and moderate scrubbing

  • Natural fiber made from palmyra

  • Stiffer and more durable than palmyra

  • Poor durability when compared to other fibers

  • Regular cleaning and moderate scrubbing

  • Softer when wet than when dry

  • Great for decorative flooring

Oreck Floor Machine 237047 Orange 12 inch Scrubbing Brush
  • Regular cleaning and moderate scrubbing

  • Remains stiff when wet

  • Durable

  • Two common types:

    • 1. Non-Scuff - Lighter-gauge bristles
      2. Stiff - Heavier-gauge bristles

Carlisle 3613VRD EZSnap 13 inch Red Value Rotary General Cleaning Brush
  • Stripping and scrubbing thick grime from floors

  • Nylon impregnated with silicon carbide grit

Carlisle 3615VBK EZSnap 15 inch Black Value Rotary Stripping Brush
  • Most aggressive stripping and scrubbing applications

  • Heavy-gauge nylon impregnated with heavy silicon carbide grit
Carlisle Steel Wire Stripping Brush
  • Stripping and scrubbing thick grime from floors

  • Mostly replaced by brushes with nylon bristles and impregnated grit

Carlisle EZSnap Total Floor Care System

For the quickest and easiest transition from floor pads to floor brushes, start with the ultra-versatile EZSnap total floor care system from Carlisle. Designed to reduce the time required to swap out brushes, as well as to optimize brush-to-machine compatibility, the system relies on a set of durable, acetal resin clutch plates that quickly ‘snap’ onto floor brushes without tools or any special, finicky process.

Unlike other floor brushes, those in the EZSnap system will fit whatever machine you have – provided that you have the proper clutch plate. As the crux of the revolutionary floor care system, the clutch plate is the part that determines compatibility and fits each and every EZSnap floor brush. This means that everyone can benefit from the quick-to-change floor brushes, regardless of the machine being used.

EZSnap Clutch Plates

This system includes 6 clutch plates that fit different machines. Clutch plates are disks that connect brushes to machines and are commonly made of metal, plastic, or another durable material. It is critical for clutch plates to fit both the brush and the machine. Fortunately, they are usually available through the brush’s manufacturer and not difficult to get your hands on.

Machine Type
Clutch Plate Design Machines
Most Swing Machines

Carlisle 364192BD EZSnap Universal Style Floor Brush Driver for Rotary Floor Machines
Carlisle 364192REZ EZSnap Universal Style Combination Floor Brush Driver and Riser for Rotary Floor Machines
  • Betco, Cassidy, Clarke, Dart, Edic, Eureka, General, Hawk, Kent / Euroclean, Lawlor, Mastercraft, Mercury, NSS, Pacific, Powr-Flite, Pullman-Holt, SSS, Tennant, Thoromatic, Tornado (Breur), United (Unico), Viper, Windsor
Automatic Scrubbers
Carlisle 364108BD EZSnap Clip-On Style Floor Brush Driver for Automatic Scrubbers
  • Nobles, Tennant
Carlisle 36P74BD EZSnap Lug Style Floor Brush Driver for Automatic Scrubbers
  • Aztec, Betco, Nobles, Nilfisk-Advance, NSS, Viper
Carlisle 364112BD EZSnap Win Snap Style Floor Brush Driver for Automatic Scrubbers
  • Most Windsor models
Carlisle 364148BD EZSnap Tri Snap Style Floor Brush Driver for Automatic Scrubbers
  • Most Nilfisk-Advance models

EZSnap Adapter Plates

To boost the versatility of the floor care system, 2 EZSnap adapter plates are available. These connect traditional style clutch plates to the EZSnap brushes to allow you to continue using your older clutch plates with the brushes.

EZSnap Brushes

Selecting the floor brush you need for the job is as easy as possible with the EZSnap system. The brushes are available from 11” to 20” in diameter. To ensure that you get the right sized brush, select one 2” smaller in diameter than your machine. For this system, just check out the selection tool below or the individual product pages to determine brush compatibility.
Brush Type
Floor Type
  • VCT
  • Ceramic
  • Terrazzo
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Quarry Tile
  • Concrete
  • Light-duty cleaning
  • Waxing
  • Glossing
  • Polishing
  • Buffing
  • Burnishing
  • This is the most common soft brush available

  • From glossing to waxing, a variety of floor finishes are applied with this brush. Because of such versatility, the brush should always be on hand if you're expecting to finish floors.
  • VCT
  • Ceramic
  • Rubber
  • Terrazzo
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Non-Slip
  • Quarry Tile
  • Concrete
  • General purpose cleaning
  • The more grit impregnated into bristles, the larger the brush’s surface area is that comes in contact with the floor. This makes cleaning highly effective and efficient.

    These brushes are usually made of polypropylene* and feature silicon carbide grit. This design enables the brush to act as fine sandpaper and clean thoroughly, which makes it ideal for dirtier tasks like removing heavy build-up or stains.

    *The red EZSnap brushes are nylon with silicon carbide grit.
  • VCT
  • Terrazzo
  • Quarry Tile
  • Concrete
  • Very aggressive cleaning
  • Restoring old flooring
  • Stripping
  • This brush type is not for maintaining sealed or finished floors as grit will mar the surface.

    More grit is impregnated within the bristles than in light grit brushes, providing more surface area and more aggression. Because of this, you should be careful with heavy grit floor brushes. They’re designed for heavy-duty use, meaning that they can easily damage a variety of floor types.

    *This type of brush goes by several names: heavy grit brush, nylo-grit brush, and AB brush. The "AB" abbreviation stands for “abrasive bristle,” which refers to the brushes’ thick fibers and impregnated grit.

EZSnap Pad Drivers

If you’re not ready to switch over to using only floor brushes, you can still fully benefit from the EZSnap clutch plate design. Carlisle has created a line of 11” – 20” floor pad drivers that work with traditional floor pads and the EZSnap clutch plates and adapters. You can still use the system like you would with brushes, but with floor pads, too. This means that alternating between floor brushes and floor pads is easier than ever!

Carlisle EZSnap Floor Brush Selection Tool

Take a moment to use the calculator below to see how much money the EZSnap total floor care system can save you. If you're interested in saving that money, then check out our handy chooser tool! Designed to make selecting the EZSnap components compatible with your machine easy, this tool is just a click away.

Selection Tool


Number of Locations
Sq. Ft Cleaned (per Location)
How Often (per Month)
Labor (per Hour)
Pad Cost (Each)
Brush Cost (Each)
Total annual savings
by using EZSnap™ value rotary brushes:

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