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Commercial Meat Grinder Buying Guide

Commercial meat grinders are designed to efficiently grind and process meat, making them ideal for butcher shops, delis, restaurants, and other commercial kitchens. This equipment comes in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit different production needs. From small countertop models suitable for low-volume operations to large industrial-grade machines capable of processing hundreds of pounds of meat per hour, there is a commercial meat grinder to fit every business's requirements. Discover the different types of meat grinders available for your establishment and the various factors you should consider to find the best commercial meat grinder for your establishment:

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Use the following links to explore the different types and features of commercial meat grinders:
  1. Meat Grinder Power Types
  2. Types of Meat Grinders
  3. Meat Grinder Sizes
  4. Meat Grinder Tips and Tricks
  5. Meat Grinder Parts and Attachments

Meat Grinder Power Types

When it comes to commercial meat grinders, the power source is a crucial consideration that can significantly impact efficiency and productivity.

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Manual Meat Grinders

Manual meat grinders mount to your table or countertop and are designed for low-volume use. Because of their relatively small capacity and the need to turn the crank by hand, this type of grinder isn't used often in a commercial setting.

Purchasing Considerations:

  • Use a table clamp to stay in place, as some models won't attach to a thick table.
  • Not intended for frequent commercial-level use.


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Electric Meat Grinders

Electric meat grinders come in a variety of sizes, from small countertop units all the way up to large, high-output floor mounted models that are best suited for meat processing facilities or busy butcher shops.

It's important to pay attention to the number of pounds of meat a particular meat grinder can process per minute (or per hour) when comparing models. If you purchase a unit that can't keep up with your output requirements, you'll shorten its life and negatively impact your own productivity.

Purchasing Considerations:

  • Match the output of the machine to your business needs
  • Pay attention to the materials and construction of the grinder; stainless steel is dishwasher safe and resists corrosion

Horizontal Meat Grinders

Horizontal food cutters, more commonly known as buffalo choppers, are a specialized type of electric grinder that shred chicken, pork, and other meats that you don't want finely ground. They also work great for making menu items like coleslaw, potato salad, and chicken salad because you can add seasonings and sauces as you're cutting the meat or vegetables. Some models even boast a powered take-off hub (PTO) where you hook up a meat grinder or vegetable slicer attachment to have the best of both worlds!

Purchasing Considerations:

  • Pay attention to safety features; the blade is more exposed on this type of unit
  • Evaluate space; these models can take up a bit more countertop space than a traditional countertop meat grinder

Types of Meat Grinders

Consider the volume of meat you plan to grind, the frequency of use, and your specific production requirements when choosing the type of meat grinder that best suits your commercial kitchen. Each type offers unique benefits and features to enhance your meat grinding process and meet the demands of your business.

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Light-Duty Meat Grinders

Light-duty meat grinders are designed for low-volume applications such as small delis, restaurants, or catering businesses. These units are ideal for occasional use and are capable of grinding small quantities of meat at a time.

  • Compact in size
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for small volumes of meat
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Medium-Duty Meat Grinders

These meat grinders are suitable for establishments with moderate meat grinding needs, such as butcher shops, restaurants, or grocery stores. Medium-duty units are more powerful than light-duty grinders and can handle larger quantities of meat at a faster rate.

  • Built to withstand frequent use
  • Equipped with robust motors and compontents


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Heavy-Duty Meat Grinders

Heavy-duty meat grinders are designed for high-volume commercial settings such as large butcher shops, meat processing facilities, or industrial kitchens. These units are built to handle continuous and heavy-duty grinding tasks, making them ideal for processing large quantities of meat quickly and efficiently.

  • Constructed with durable materials and powerful motors
  • Effectively processes large quantities of meat without overheating or slowing down

Meat Grinder Sizes

Commercial meat grinders come in various sizes, typically categorized by the diameter of the grinding plates. The most common sizes for commercial use are #12, #22, and #32. These numbers correspond to the diameter of the grinder plates in inches.

Choosing the right size meat grinder is essential to ensure efficient and effective meat processing in your commercial kitchen. Consider the volume of meat you will be grinding, the frequency of use, and the types of products you will be making when selecting the appropriate size grinder for your business.

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Meat Grinder Tips and Tricks

When using a meat grinder, follow these tips and tricks to enhance the performance of your meat grinder, achieve better results, and enjoy delicious freshly ground meat for your culinary creations:

  • Chill your grinding plates, knife, feed tube, and auger in a freezer or ice bath before grinding a batch of meat.
  • Cut the meat into evenly sized chunks and feed it through the funnel gently; don't force it.
  • A sharp cutting knife is a must. Replace dulled ones for better performance.
  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize all components immediately after use. Stainless steel components are dishwasher safe.
  • For cast aluminum or cast iron components, try storing them in a small food pan with some cornstarch. It will absorb excess moisture.
  • Use a food-safe lubricant to maintain and protect all moving parts.


  • Do not feed grinders animal bones.
  • Don't take your meat out of the refrigerator until you're ready to grind it.

Meat Grinder Parts and Attachments

Having the right meat grinder parts and attachments can make a significant difference in the efficiency and versatility of your machine. Invest in the these quality parts and attachments to help maximize the effectiveness your commercial meat grinder.

using a meat plunger attachment
  • Grinder Plates - These plates come in various sizes, with different hole diameters to achieve different textures of ground meat. Coarse plates are ideal for items like hamburgers and sausages, while fine grinder plates are better suited for items like pates and spreads.
  • Sausage Tubes - These attachments allow you to easily stuff ground meat into casings to make sausages. Sausage tubes come in different sizes to accommodate various casing sizes, giving you the flexibility to create different types of sausages with your meat grinder.
  • Meat Plungers - Meat plungers help push the meat down the feeder tube and into the grinder, safely reducing the risk of jams or clogs in the machine.
  • End Attachments - End attachments can include items like cheese graters, vegetable slicers, and pasta makers, expanding the range of tasks your meat grinder can perform.
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