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Types of Glass Racks

Types of Glass Racks

Glass racks keep glasses safe during the cleaning process, storage, and transport. They help ensure efficient movement of glassware from one location to the next, and they come in sizes and styles to fit every need. This guide will go over how to choose a glass rack based on the type and size so you can make a more informed purchase for your business.

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Gray full size plastic glass rack on equipment table in commercial kitchen

What is a Glass Rack?

A glass rack is a rack that stores glassware, stemware, pitchers, or decanters during washing, transport, and storage. It can feature individual compartments for glasses, or it can be one big open rack. These racks are designed to minimize breakage when the proper size is used. Both compartment size and height are crucial to protecting your glassware.


Glass Rack Sizes

Glass racks come in two sizes - half size or full size. Full size glass racks measure 20" x 20" and fit most commercial dish machines. As the name suggests, half size racks measure half that, or 20" x 10".

Gray full size plastic glass rack

Full Size Glass Racks

  • Ideal for high-volume glass use
  • Help keep up with large quantities of drinkware

Gray half size plastic glass rack

Half Size Glass Racks

  • Ideal for low- to moderate-volume glass use
  • Require less storage space than full size racks

Number of Compartments

To reduce unnecessary breakage, and ensure effective cleaning, glass racks are divided into compartments designed to hold your glasses into place during washing, storage, and even transport. Keep in mind though that the sizes of these compartments, and hence the number of compartments per glass rack, vary by brand.

Tip: We carry economical Noble glass racks along with Vollrath, Carlisle, and Cambro brand glass racks. Though some racks, like our Noble glass racks, stack with other manufacturers' racks, it is best to stick with only one brand to ensure proper fit for your glassware, as well as safe, secure stacking of multiple glass racks.

Glass Rack Types

Glass racks come in three types - cup racks, decanter/pitcher racks, and traditional glass racks. Though the type may differ, the use of the rack is fundamentally the same. This guide refers to all as "glass racks" for simplicity.
Person storing glass cups in a blue plastic cup rack

Cup Racks

Designed for washing and storing cups and mugs

Gray plastic pitcher rack with black extender and 4 pitchers in rack

Decanter / Pitcher Racks

Perfect for washing large items, like decanters and pitchers

Person storing goblet glasses in a gray plastic glass rack

Glass Racks

Hold glassware and stemware during warewash and transport

Glass Rack Heights

Determining the proper height is crucial in ensuring safe glass washing, storage, and transport. Commercial glass racks that are too short raise the risk of glass chippage and breakage during handling. If the glasses are taller than the rack itself, they are more susceptible to breakage. Adding extenders to the rack enables you to easily extend the height of the rack. If either width or height falls between two sizes, always choose the larger size. Use our glass rack chooser to find the correct glass rack for your glasses.

Gray plastic glass rack with green extender on commercial sink

1 Extender Glass Racks

Great for smaller glassware like juice and rocks glasses

Gray plastic glass rack with 2 red extenders on equipment table

2 Extender Glass Racks

Designed to support taller highball glasses.

Gray plastic glass rack with 3 tan extenders on equipment table

3 Extender Glass Racks

Hold pint glasses and stemmed water glasses

Gray plastic glass rack with 4 black extenders on equipment table

4 Extender Glass Racks

Support taller items like wine and martini glasses

Purple plastic glass rack with 5 blue extenders on equipment table

5 Extender Glass Racks

Provide support and protection to taller glassware

Tan plastic glass rack with 6 tan extenders

6 Extender Glass Racks

Great for washing larger items like pitchers and carafes

Open vs. Closed Glass Racks

Glass racks come in open or closed varieties. Each has its benefits and limitations.

Gray plastic glass rack with four yellow extenders with open sides

Open Glass Racks

  • Open sides allow for better washing and faster drying
  • More susceptible to dirt and contamination during storage and transport
  • Requires a dust cover

Gray plastic glass rack with closed sides

Closed Glass Racks

  • Closed sides protect glassware from dust and bacteria during storage
  • Water enters and exits the rack via the bottom
  • May hinder drying, resulting in more water spots on your glassware

Glass Rack Options and Accessories

Using your glass racks to your advantage is key in keeping up with demand in your busy restaurant, bar, cafe, or catering operation. These options and accessories will help you do just that.

Green plastic glass rack with champagne flute being placed inside

Color-Coded Glass Racks

  • Keep your dish room neat and organized
  • Ensure each glass is put in the correct sized glass rack

Noble Products glass rack cover covering glass rack on casters in commercial kitchen

Glass Rack Covers

  • Ensure safe and sanitary storage
  • Can use a dust cover or hard cover


Four plastic glass racks on dolly underneath equipment table in commercial kitchen

Glass Rack Dollies

  • Allow you to transport several glass racks at a time
  • Keep your staff safe from heavy lifting

Printable Glass Rack Sizing Guides

Now that you know all about glass racks, it's time to decide which one is right for you! Check out these printable glass rack sizing guides to do just that.

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