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Glass Rack Sizing Guide

As a vital component to commercial dish room operations, properly fitting commercial glass racks will ensure fast, efficient cleaning every time. But how do you determine what a "properly fitting" glass rack is? Let's start at the beginning.

Number of Compartments

Most commercial dish machines are designed to accommodate a standard full size 20" x 20" glass rack. To reduce unnecessary breakage, and ensure effective cleaning, these full size glass racks are divided into compartments designed to hold your glasses into place during washing, storage, and even transport. Keep in mind though that the sizes of these compartments, and hence the number of compartments per glass rack, vary by brand.

Expert Tip

We carry economical Noble glass racks along with Vollrath, Carlisle, and Cambro brand glass racks. Though some racks, like our Noble glass racks, stack with other manufacturers’ racks, it is best to stick with only one brand to ensure proper fit for your glassware, as well as safe, secure stacking of multiple glass racks.

Height of Your Glass Rack

In addition to your glass' diameters, height is also a vital component to consider when finding the proper glass rack for your commercial foodservice operation. Whereas some brands sell their commercial glass racks with optional extenders to ensure proper height, others sell their glass racks in pre-manufactured heights.

Expjavascript:;ert Tip

Determining the proper height is crucial in ensuring safe glass washing, storage, and transport. Commercial glass racks that are too short raise the risk of glass chippage and breakage during handling. If either width or height falls between two sizes, always choose the larger size. To find the perfect rack for your needs, use our new glass rack chooser.

Helpful Hints

Keep it Organized

With color coded glass racks your dish room will always stay neat and organized while ensuring that the proper glasses always enter their coordinating glass racks.

Keep it Clean

For safe, sanitary storage, always cover your glass racks with a dust cover or a hard cover. These covers ensure that dust stays off of your glasses during overnight storage in your commercial restaurant kitchen.

Keep it Moving

When transporting glasses throughout your facility, always use a glass rack dolly. Not only will they keep your staff safe from heavy lifting, but they will allow you to transport several glass racks at a time for fast, efficient transport.

Glass Rack Selection Tool

Still not sure which glass rack to buy? Use our handy Glass Rack Selection Tool to narrow down your options.

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