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Choosing and Organizing Your Restaurant Booth Seating

How many times have customers requested to be seated in a booth at your bar or restaurant? Booths are a popular seating option that keep guests comfortable while also bringing them closer together with friends and family. As you go about organizing your dining room, be sure to incorporate strategic restaurant booth spacing while also keeping your overall restaurant layout dimensions in mind. The suggestions below will help you select the right booths for your business, and the accompanying diagram offers ideas on how you can arrange your dining room to keep guests comfortable and make the most of your space.

Why Choose Booths for Your Restaurant?

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Booths are a great choice for any bar or restaurant for a variety of reasons. They not only enhance your guests' privacy and comfort, but also create less traffic and eliminate the need for servers to walk around all four sides of a table. Similarly, they add a touch of warmth to your front-of-house and are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs.

Despite their higher initial cost, in the long run, booths provide one of the most cost- and space-efficient layouts you can choose for your dining room. For example, a four person booth covers around 3,000 square inches of floor space, while a four person table with a base and four chairs can exceed 5,000 square inches. In this case, choosing a booth provides 30% more revenue and allows you to seat more customers on your busiest money-making nights. Consequently, booth seating will help you save both valuable floor space and your bottom line.

Selecting the Perfect Booths

With the wide variety of dining room booths to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect combination of colors, designs, and styles for your bar or restaurant. For example, you can choose between single, double, wall bench, 1/2 circle, and 3/4 circle types in many different lengths, widths, and heights.

Additionally, you can select from a variety of welt cord, head roll, top cap, end cap, and outside back configurations. You might also consider pairing a wall bench with small tables, which allows for easy conversation among couples but can be quickly transformed into a larger table for big groups.

Creating an Effective Restaurant Booth Layout

When designing a booth layout for your business, considering restaurant booth seating dimensions is obviously very important. You should always make sure to factor dining room table sizes into your calculations, as well. A standard layout allows the table edge to align vertically with the outer edge of the booth seat, which results in a comfortable 16-18" seating depth. Booths paired with 30" wide tables require 72" from the centers of each top cap, while 24" wide tables only require 66". Ultimately, an awareness of booth dimensions for restaurant seating is one of the easiest ways to maximize the amount of guests you can serve, which will increase your business's profits.

For reference, here are the most common restaurant booth size standards, all of which are incorporated in the chart below:

Booth Type Booth Length Booth Width Seats
Single 46" 23" 1 person per 24" of length
Double 46" 44" 1 person per 24" of length
Wall Bench Customizable 23" 1-3 people per side depending upon length
1/2 Circle 46" 88" 2-4 people
3/4 Circle 88" 88" 4-6 people

Restaurant Seating Chart Example

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It is also important to note that when pairing a 24" table with a booth, cantilever table bases are your best bet. These tables are anchored to the wall underneath the table and offer strong support without sacrificing valuable leg room for guests. The diagram above presents a variety of different booth size and spacing combinations to give you an idea of how different configurations might work in your business.

Choosing and organizing restaurant booths for your dining room is an important aspect of keeping guests satisfied, comfortable, and coming back again and again. Whether you choose an upholstered button tufted booth for your diner or a wooden model for your upscale bistro, these items are also an aesthetically-pleasing addition to any space. Ultimately, booths are space-efficient, cost-effective, and the perfect addition to any foodservice business.

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Carol Levy Says:

I wish our local Kirk's burgers in San Jose/Campbell would get replacement booths. My back just cannot stand those, or the faux-rattan chairs -- both are absolute torture for anyone with back problems. I don't go as often because the seating is so bad, even though their burgers are the best....

Emily Hewitt Says:

<REPLY:2046> Hi Carol! Thanks for your comment. I haven't been to a Kirk's Burgers, but their seating certainly doesn't sound like it is comfortable! Keep us in mind if you ever make a suggestion to them about replacing their booths (maybe our great prices will persuade them)! And if you are shopping around our site and need any help, feel free to use our Live Chat; we'd love to hear from you! Thanks! Emily, Customer Support at WEBstaurantStore.com

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