Easy Restaurant Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Most repairs to commercial restaurant equipment should be performed by trained professionals, but there are some simple maintenance tasks you can do on your own that will help to extend the life of your equipment. Avoiding service calls and equipment break downs will save you money and time, allowing you to focus on your daily tasks.

Gaskets and Seals

Stainless steel reach in refrigerator with doors open

Gaskets are used to create a tight seal on the doors of your refrigeration equipment. Over time, they become worn and lose their ability to make an air-tight seal. Many restaurant chains pay for a service to have their gaskets changed out regularly, but if you only have a few pieces of equipment, you can save money by doing the maintenance yourself.

Check your gaskets for cracks or tears on a weekly basis. To find the right replacement gasket for your unit, consult the parts diagram or manual that came with your equipment, check the WebstaurantStore website, or contact our Customer Solutions team.

Condenser Coils

The condenser coils on your refrigeration equipment collect dust and debris, especially if the condenser system is located near the floor. One of the main functions of the condenser is to remove heat from the refrigeration system. If you've ever noticed how warm it is near the compressor of your refrigerator, this is due to the fans that blow out the heat removed by the condenser.

If the condenser becomes clogged, there is nowhere for the heat to go and it can damage the system. This is probably the number one reason for refrigeration maintenance calls. You can prevent this by cleaning your coils on a regular basis. Just make sure to unplug your unit first!

Water Filters

AquaKing water filter cartridge

Any commercial equipment that requires a water hook up needs to have water filter in place. Unfiltered water contains lime and scale that will build up inside the interior parts of your equipment over time, causing major damage and resulting in expensive maintenance calls.

If you make sure to replace water filter cartridges regularly, you can extend the life of your equipment considerably. Use a black marker to write the date of installation on your filter cartridges so you'll always know when they should be replaced. Check the user manual that came with your filter system for the recommended filter change cycle.

Air Filters and Grease Filters

Most hot side equipment units will use filters to remove grease and particles from the air. If the filters become clogged with too much debris, it can affect the performance of your equipment and also become a fire hazard. Keeping your filters clean is an easy maintenance step you can take to protect your equipment.

Thankfully most air filters are reusable! Instead of purchasing a new filter, it's easy to remove and clean with soap and water. Check the user manual of your hot side equipment to locate the filter.

Faucet Parts

Hot faucet handle and cold faucet handle

Leaky faucets waste water and run up your utility bill, but it's actually much easier to diagnose a leak than you think. Most faucet manufacturers design faucet cartridges that allow you to replace all the major parts in one go, instead of fiddling with removing and replacing a bunch of tiny parts. To find the faucet parts you need, consult the parts diagram or manual that came with your equipment, check the WebstaurantStore website, or contact our Customer Solutions team.

Blender Couplings

There is one blender part that takes more abuse than any other component, and it's not the jar. On a busy night, the bartender will remove and replace the blender numerous times as drink after drink is prepared. The connection point between the jar and blender base is called the coupling. This is where the bottom of the jar fits onto the base and it becomes worn out very quickly.

When the coupling fails, the blender is inoperable. Instead of buying a whole new blender, you can be prepared by stocking up on replacement couplings. The parts diagram that came with your blender will list the part number for the replacement coupling you need.

Gas Hoses

Yellow commercial gas hose connected to gas pipe

Gas hoses are like the lifeline of your gas powered equipment. Without a properly functioning gas hose, your equipment cannot operate. As your equipment is pulled away from the wall for cleaning, it can put stress on your hoses, and eventually they become worn out.

It's a good practice to inspect all of your gas hoses on a regular basis. Making sure to use gas hoses of the appropriate length and investing in gas fittings that swivel or feature a quick disconnect can also help to extend the life of your hoses.

Commercial restaurant equipment is a big investment that you can protect by performing basic maintenance and prevention. By replacing and cleaning certain components, you can prevent a major service call and save yourself time and money.

Posted in: Management & Operation|By Michale LeRoy
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