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How to Clean & Boil Out a Deep Fryer

Last updated on 1/16/2018

Regularly cleaning deep fryers is essential for establishments like Southern kitchens, fast food operations, and diners that rely heavily on their fryer. One of the best ways to clean your fryer is by boiling it out. Keep reading to learn what boiling out a deep fryer means, why you should do it regularly, and how to boil out your deep fryer successfully with these easy steps.

What Does It Mean to Boil Out a Deep Fryer?

Boiling out a deep fryer is the process of removing old oil, adding water and cleaning solution, and then boiling the water to thoroughly clean the interior of the fryer and remove any hard, stuck-on grime.

Why Should I Boil Out My Deep Fryer?

One of the main reasons you should boil out your deep fryer is because it can protect the taste of your food. Old food and grime in your deep fryer can affect the oil and how your food fries, which in turn affects the flavor.

Boiling out your deep fryer also helps your oil last longer. If you don't boil out your fryer, there may be proteins, polar contaminants, and other materials that can affect your oil immediately after it's added, which causes it to deteriorate faster. By boiling out your deep fryer, you ensure your oil lasts longer, so you can save money on replacement costs.

Plus, if you get into the habit of regularly boiling out your deep fryer, you'll eventually be able to use fewer chemicals, because you will prevent grime from building up.

What You Need to Boil Out Your Deep Fryer

Cleaning a deep fryer is simple, but you'll need a few tools for the job. Here's what you'll need:

Step-by-Step Instructions for Boiling Out a Deep Fryer

Follow these directions to thoroughly clean your deep fryer.

  • how to clean a deep fryer1.

    Drain all of the grease from the fryer and safely discard it via an oil caddy and an approved oil discharge container.

  • how to clean a commercial deep fryer2.

    Use a fryer cleaning rod to clean any remaining debris out of the drain line.

  • how to boil out a deep fryer3.

    Rinse the fryer with hot water to remove excess undrained fat.

  • clean a deep fryer4.

    Fill the fryer with cool water within at least 3-4" of the top. Then, add your deep fat fryer cleaner. Check the instructions on the bottle to find the specific amount you need to use.

  • how to boil out a commercial deep fryer5.

    Boil slowly for 20 minutes.

  • best way to clean a deep fryer6.

    Allow the fryer to drain slowly. When the water has drained, use a long-handled heavy-duty brush to clean the sides, top, and heating elements of the fryer.

  • boiling out a deep fryer7.

    Rinse thoroughly to remove all residue.

  • how to clean a commercial gas deep fryer8.

    Add your new oil. Add fry powder or oil stabilizer to the fresh oil to make it last longer.

Boiling out your deep fryer at regular intervals can help improve the taste quality of your fried food, cut down on oil replacement costs, and improve the life of your fryer. Additionally, it's a simple process that involves removing the oil, adding water and cleaning solution, boiling until stuck-on grease and grime come off, and finally adding in fresh oil.

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