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How to Clean a Charbroiler

How to Clean a Charbroiler

Last updated on 7/23/2019

Maintaining your charbroiler, along with any kitchen equipment, creates both a safer and more sanitary working environment. Regular cleanings reduce residue and grease build-up, which can prevent grease fires. Plus, removing excess particles ensures your fresh foods aren't absorbing unwanted flavors. This is an easy way to maintain your customers' standards for high-quality food and prevent costly or time-consuming maintenance issues. Follow these simple steps to keep your charbroiler clean.

How Often Should I Clean My Charbroiler?

We recommend you clean your charbroiler daily to prevent residue build-up. Grease, food particles, and fat accumulate along the top and bottom of the grates, as well as the sides, front, and back of your grill.

What Do I Need to Clean My Charbroiler?

Choosing the right brush to effectively clean your charbroiler's grates can minimize labor. In addition to the right grill brush, here are a few items you should have on hand to effectively clean your charbroiler:

How to Clean a Charbroiler

  • Brush Cleaning a Grill1.

    Make sure your charbroiler is still hot but not on. Use a wire brush or scraper to remove stuck-on particles or fat from grates.

  • Flipping Charbroiler Grate2.

    Once the tops have been cleaned, flip the grates over and thoroughly clean the bottoms.

  • Noble Blast Spraying Charbroiler3.

    Wait for your charbroiler to cool completely. Use a damp cloth or sponge, along with soapy water, to clean the rest of your grill. For excess build-up, use a degreaser or heavy-duty grill cleaner. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the degreaser away from the charbroiler after use.

  • Cleaning Charbroiler Radiants4.

    Optional: If you use a radiant charbroiler, clean the radiants as well. We recommend doing this in the sink. For lava rock charbroilers, flip the stones every few weeks to burn off any accumulated grease.

How to Clean Cast Iron Grates

Cast iron cooktop grates have a tendency to rust if not cared for properly.

To clean cast iron grill grates:

  1. Bring your charbroiler to a high heat in order to burn off any leftover food particles.
  2. Turn off the unit and allow it to cool.
  3. Use a wire brush to remove the burnt food and ashy residue from the grates.
  4. Flip the grate over and brush the second side.

After the cast iron charbroiler grates have been cleaned, you’ll want to season the grates to prevent rusting and extend the longevity of the part.

To season cast iron grill grates:

  1. Coat the grates thoroughly with a high heat oil like canola oil or peanut oil by using a spray bottle or soaked paper towels.
  2. Using a clean paper towel, wipe off any excess oil. You should still see an even coating of oil left behind.
  3. Heat the grill for approximately 15 minutes to allow the oil to bake into the grate.
  4. Once the grates have cooled, lightly coat the grates once more in oil.
  5. Repeat the season process after each cleaning.

Incorporate these simple steps into your cleaning routine to ensure your charbroiler is safe to use in your commercial kitchen. Keeping your equipment clean can both extend the life of the product and prevent food from absorbing or transferring flavors. For a visual representation of how to clean a charbroiler, check out the video below.

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