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Ice-O-Matic Troubleshooting Guide

Ice-O-Matic Troubleshooting Guide

Commercial ice machines are an integral part of restaurant, bar, cafe, hospitality, and office spaces. With heavy-duty, day-to-day use, even high-performance brands like Ice-O-Matic can experience malfunctions from time to time. Some issues may require a quick fix or thorough cleaning, while others may require a service technician.

Ice-O-Matic CIM0430HA 30

Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine is Not Running

There are many factors that can prevent your Ice-O-Matic ice machine from running. Here are a few things you can check to diagnose this issue.

  • Is the unit plugged in and the selector switch set to “ICE”? If the ice machine is not starting, the first thing you’ll want to check is if the unit is plugged in properly and if the selector switch is set to “ICE”.
  • Is the right amount of voltage flowing through the outlet? Low or high voltage can detrimentally affect the refrigeration unit.
  • Is there a blown fuse? If your power supply looks okay, check for a blown fuse. Have an authorized technician replace the electrical panel if it has a short circuit.
  • Is the high-pressure safety tripped? Reset the safety and identify the reason for high head pressure.
  • Is the bin control out of alignment? Check if the bin control needs to be adjusted or is defective. Have it replaced by an authorized technician if it is faulty.

Ice-O-Matic ICEU150FA 24 1/2

Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine is Not Making Ice

If your Ice-O-Matic ice machine is running but not making ice, here are a few things to check out to diagnose the issue.

  • Is there water leaking out of the purge drain or water trough? Repair the leakage if there is water leaking out of the purge drain or water trough.
  • Is the compressor running? Verify that the High Pressure Cutout is closed and the contactor is pulling in. If you have a bad contactor or coil, or if your compressor is defective, call your service agent to replace.
  • Is the condenser dirty? Clean your condenser’s air filter if it’s clogged and dirty.
  • Is the hot gas valve leaking during freeze cycle? Replace the hot gas valve if it is leaking during freezing.
  • Are there complications with the Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV)? If the valve is restricted or not opening properly, it may need to be replaced. You will want to check if the refrigerant charge is low before diagnosing the valve as defective.
  • Is the suction pressure too low? If your refrigerant charge is too low, the unit will not run properly. Call an authorized service technician to check this out and recharge if necessary.

Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 15

Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine is Not Producing Enough Ice

Many ice production issues stem from the environment that your ice machine is located in. If your Ice-O-Matic ice machine is running but not making enough ice, here are a few things to check out to diagnose the issue.

  • Is the air temperature too high? Maximum ice production for each machine is partially calculated based on the room temperature where the unit is located. If your location exceeds the suggested temperature, the machine will not be able to produce the maximum amount of ice. The recommended room temperature for maximum ice production is 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Is the water line clogged? If the water line is clogged, clean out any obstructions.
  • Does the machine need to be cleaned? Keeping a clean unit is important in nearly every aspect of producing ice. Low ice production could be caused by buildup, so it’s important to regularly deep clean your ice machine.
  • Is the machine level? Another cause of disproportionate ice production could be the surface your unit rests on. Ensure that the machine sits balanced and level on the floor or countertop.

Ice-O-Matic CIM1447FR Elevation Series 48

Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine Ice Cubes Are Hollow

Here are some common factors that can cause your ice machine to produce hollow ice cubes.

  • Is your water temperature too high? If the water used to make the ice is too warm, the ice will not be able to properly form. Recommended water temperature is 48-50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Is water leaking from the purge drain? Check for obstructions or a defective drain. Clean or replace the drain if necessary.
  • Is the timer set properly? Check if the timer module needs to be readjusted or is defective. Also, check if the timer initiate control needs to be readjusted or repaired by a service technician.

Ice-O-Matic UCG130A 18

Mold in Ice-O-Matic Ice Maker

Molding in an ice machine can be common if the machine is in an unsuitable environment. It can also be caused by infrequent or improper cleaning.

Sanitize the bin. If you find mold in your ice bin, deep clean and sanitize the unit per the cleaning and sanitizing instructions provided in your unit's manual. 

Ensure your staff is properly handling ice. Make sure your staff is always handling ice with an ice scoop and never their hands or glassware. Clean the ice scoop every night.

Consider moving the unit. Keep your machine away from any areas of your kitchen that are more conducive to mold. This includes prep stations that handle large amounts of dough, yeast, sugar, or any ingredients that thrive in environments with lots of moisture.

Ice-O-Matic GEM0450W water cooled ice machine

Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine is Leaking

Leaks that come from the outside of the ice machine are most likely a plumbing issue that is related to the machine not being insalled properly. This fix will require a plumber. If the leak is coming from inside the machine, you’ll need to call an authorized ice machine technician to fix the issue. Turn your machine off before inspecting to avoid any potential accidents or electrical injury.

Check the shutoff valve. If the origin of the leak is the water shutoff valve, attempt to contain the leak to avoid water damage and call a plumber to rectify the problem.

Look for drain obstructions. Check the drains and clear any obstructions.

Inspect the water line. Similar to water shutoff valve malfunctions, a cracked or loose water line requires the help of a plumber to get your machine working back to normal.

Deep clean the machine. Once a plumber or technician has come to fix the unit, or you’ve managed to dislodge anything blocking the drains, deep clean your machine to ensure there are no other buildup issues.

Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine Lights Are Flashing

Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series ice machines' Power Button and Clean Button have different LED light colors to let operators clearly know what issues the machine may be having.

  • Both Power and Clean LED lights are solid blue. This means the unit is operating normal.
  • Power LED light is solid red and the Clean LED light is slow flashing yellow. This means the unit needs to be cleaned.
  • Power LED light is quick flashing red. This means a 1-hour max freeze cycle or 5 1/2 minute max harvest cycle.
  • Power LED light is slow flashing red (when unit is turned off). This signals a thermistor failure.
  • Power LED light is quick flashing red and Clean LED is quick flashing yellow. This signals a fill or drain failure. The unit has experienced a max fill (5 minutes) or a max purge (2 minutes).

How to Reset and Restart an Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine

Follow these steps to clear the error codes and reset your Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series ice machine.

  1. Loosen the two screws at the base of the front panel with a Phillips head screwdriver. Do not remove the screws.
  2. Lift the front panel up and then off of the unit.
  3. Press and hold both the Power Button and the Clean Button for 3 seconds to turn the machine off. Stop pressing when you see the lights flash blue and yellow.
  4. Press the power button to turn the machine back on.

Expert Tip

It is always important to check out your unit's service manual for specific instructions when troubleshooting issues on your model. Find the service manual by going to the item page of your specific model and checking the Resources and Downloads section.

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