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Use Kitchen Hand Tools for Preparation Tasks in Your Commercial Kitchen

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Use Kitchen Hand Tools for Preparation Tasks in Your Commercial Kitchen

If you own a bar, bakery, diner, or restaurant, we have the kitchen tools you need for day-to-day tasks. Use our ladles, tongs, pie servers, and other serving utensils to dish out exact portions. We also have wooden spoons, ladles, and whips for mixing and stirring ingredients.

Use egg rings to make perfectly shaped eggs in your diner, or make in-house sauce for your barbecue pit with our food mills. You can prepare meats with our commercial meat tenderizers, steak weights, thermometers, and marinade injectors. When you’re finished cooking, use kitchen hand tools like our graters, garnishing tools, and plating tools to add the finishing touches to your dishes.

Our kitchen tools aid in completing precise tasks, like making funnel cake and getting the right amount of breading on your chicken. Funnel cake pitchers and breading baskets make it easy to prepare these fried favorites. Also, kitchen hand tools like allergen-safe cutting boards, knives, and thermometers can protect guests from cross-contamination of ingredients that may be harmful to them, such as wheat gluten.

Kitchen hand tools like our commercial skimmers and strainers are great for retrieving appetizers from the fryer or draining pasta. Our metal skewers help you make tasty kebabs. And our measuring cups and spoons help you achieve consistent results for all your recipes. For more restaurant smallwares, check out our sauce and stock pots,chef supplies, and kitchen cutlery.