Processing Equipment

Whether you cultivate your product or buy it wholesale, you'll need processing equipment for weighing and packaging your offerings.

Transport Supplies

Ergonomic dispensary transport supplies convey products efficiently and preserve safe temperatures for concentrates, distillates, and edibles.

Commercial Mixers

Bake delicious edible recipes for your customers by investing in durable commercial mixers for your dispensary.

Commercial Immersion Blenders

Quickly whip up large batches of cannabis-infused recipes with the help of commercial immersion blenders.

Countertop Induction Ranges and Induction Cookers

Use countertop induction ranges and cookers to prepare batches of your customers' favorite edibles with ease.

PPE & Cleanroom Supplies

Treat your dispensary products with care and promote a safe, sanitary environment with our PPE clothing, gear and cleanroom supplies.

Storage Supplies

Keep your cannabis products fresh, dry, and protected from outside contaminants with our storage supplies.

Edibles and Ingestibles

If you're interested in making your own edibles and ingestibles, shop our bulk ingredients and molds.

Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies

Maintaining a sanitary dispensary is critical to the safety of your clients, so stock up on janitorial and cleaning supplies.


Our commercial shelving is a great way to organize your products for storage and display purposes.


Invest in commercial refrigeration for chilling and storing your perishable or edible dispensary items.

Regulations and standards for cannabis dispensaries are very strict, so make sure you comply by using approved products and equipment in your business. Our work tables, transport carts, and storage supplies are designed to be safe for food contact, making them ideal for holding and storing cannabis products. We also carry PPE clothing and gear to protect your staff and keep your environment clean. Set up your dispensary checkout station with our cash register stands, cash drawers, and bank deposit bags.
Portion Control Tools For Restaurants

Portion Control Tools For Restaurants

From school cafeterias to fine dining restaurants, maintaining consistent food portions is extremely important. Luckily, portion control tools help restaurant owners and staff maintain control over how much food goes on each plate. So, whether you want to know more about the importance of food portions or you’d like to dive deeper into the functions of each type of portioning tool, we’ll cover that and more in this blog. What Are Restaurant Portion Control Tools?Restaurant portion control tools come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the most common tools include portion scales, food dishers, and spoodles. But even everyday kitchen supplies, like measuring cups and ladles, are great tools for controlling portions. Even single-serving packets of condiments (like ketchup or soy sauce) are an example of restaurant portion control. Shop the most popular portion control tools below:  What Is Restaurant Portion Control? Portion control not only refers to the amount of food on a plate, but it can also refer to the amount of ingredients in a particular dish. For example, if you own a burrito shop, you probably want your staff to include a consistent ratio of meat and rice in each burrito. That way, customers know what to expect and can return again to enjoy the product they love. Why Is Portion Control Important? The number one reason why portion control is important is to manage customer expectations and provide a consistent product. But another important reason to pay attention to your food portions is to reduce costs in your restaurant. Not only will portion control help you keep track of how much you’re using of each ingredient, but it can also reduce food waste because customers will be less likely to throw food away if you offer appropriate portion sizes. How Can You Measure Portions? Of course, the way you measure portions depends on what specific tool you’re using, but typically, food is measured in one of two ways: by weight or by sight. If you’re dealing with a really expensive ingredient (like black truffle or caviar), it may be a good idea to measure it on a scale before plating. This approach not only ensures that you’re not putting more money on the plate than necessary, but it also keeps flavors consistent for each guest. Portioning by sight is fine for most other applications from cafeterias to fine dining. Portion spoons and dishers are extremely common in fast casual environments for portioning foods like mashed potatoes and corn, while white tablecloth establishments are more likely to use food molds to shape rice or even salads. However, the same basic principle applies to both. Do All Restaurants Use Portion Control Tools? While portion control can benefit any restaurant, really, it’s an especially prevalent practice among franchise restaurants. This is because customers expect the food to be consistent among all franchise locations, and a huge part of consistency is portion size. No matter what kind of restaurant you operate, chances are, you could benefit from implementing some portion control tools. By understanding the uses for each of these handy items, you can improve the uniformity of your foods and reduce the amount of waste due to excessively large portions. So, next time you’re restocking your kitchen supplies, make sure you have portion control tools on your list.

Set Up Your Dispensary with Our Cannabis Supplies

We carry a wide variety of cannabis supplies to help you stock and merchandise your marijuana dispensary. Just like a food product, you’ll need to process, store, and organize your cannabis products in a way that is safe and sanitary. Use our packaging supplies, processing equipment, and shelving to set up your dispensary and open for business.

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Dry, weigh, and portion your marijuana products with our cannabis supplies. If you prepare your own edibles in house, check out our wholesale ingredients. Make sure to invest in high-quality refrigeration and shelving designed for commercial applications.

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