Pet Grooming Faucets

Use pet grooming faucets to wash your furry guests efficiently for fluffy, clean coats.

Pet Grooming Tubs and Accessories

Turn the chore into a spa day for furry friends by supplying pet grooming tub accessories.

Grooming Dryers

A powerful dryer is essential for any professional grooming shop, providing high-quality results no matter the coat difficulty.

Pet Grooming Tables

Leverage all angles for optimal washing, primping, and brushing with pet grooming tables.

Dog Bowls

Providing treats in dog bowls for your customers keeps them happy during their grooming.

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Pet Waste Stations

Maintain a safe and sanitary grooming facility by investing in our selection of pet waste stations.

Pet grooming requires a patient attitude, a gentle touch, and the right equipment! Make sure you invest in commercial pet grooming faucets and grooming equipment for your washing station. Flexible hoses and swivel faucets give you the control you need to wash our furry friends. You’ll need plenty of warm water to run continuously while you are grooming, so check out our water heaters, booster heaters, and water heater parts.

Set Up a Grooming Station with Pet Grooming Supplies and Equipment

Find everything you need to set up a grooming station at your pet store or vet’s office with our pet grooming supplies and equipment. Start with high-quality faucets, grooming tables, and bathing tubs, then add in accessories like floor mats and doggy bowls. Pet grooming is a growing industry, and we have the tools you need to get started with this lucrative business.

We carry commercial-grade grooming faucets that feature long, flexible hoses so you can direct the water flow exactly where you need it. Bathing tubs provide a leak-proof basin for keeping pets secure during the washing process. Many of our grooming tables are adjustable so you can position the height at the most comfortable working level for pets of all sizes.