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2 inch Refrigerator / Freezer Dial Thermometer NSF Listed


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$2.29 $1.94

Refrigerator / Freezer Thermometer NSF


Refrigerator / Freezer Thermometer


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$1.59 $1.35

Taylor 3507 TruTemp 2 inch Refrigerator / Freezer Dial Thermometer


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$2.59 $2.32$2.22

Taylor 14439 Digital Refrigerator / Freezer Thermometer


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$5.19 $4.99$4.86

Taylor 5925N Classic Refrigerator / Freezer Tube Thermometer


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$2.59 $2.42$2.22

Taylor 5924 2 5/8 inch Classic Refrigerator / Freezer Dial Thermometer


Reg.Lots of 6
$3.29 $3.12

Taylor 5927 TempRite Glycol Refrigerator / Freezer Thermometer


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$8.99 $8.50$7.92

Taylor 5380N 1 3/4 inch Mini Window Stick-On Indoor / Outdoor Thermometer


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$1.69 $1.54$1.45

All Points 44-1440 Coil Temperature Sensor


All Points 62-1096 Digital Thermometer


All Points 62-1139 Digital Thermometer


Turbo Air SAK10001 Thermometer
Turbo Air SAK10001 Thermometer

Item #: 902SAK10001


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Turbo Air UEIFG80K Thermometer
Turbo Air UEIFG80K Thermometer

Item #: 902UEIFG80K


Bally 000213 2 inch Dia. Thermometer


Beverage-Air 402-223B Thermometer


Beverage-Air 402-232B Thermometer


Beverage-Air 402-233A Digital Thermometer


Beverage-Air 402-249A Thermometer Solar


Beverage-Air 402-253B Thermometer, Dig.


Beverage-Air 402-260A Solar Thermometer


Beverage-Air 515-134D Temp Sensor


Beverage-Air 515-191D Sensor


Beverage-Air 62B03S003B Thermometer Kit


Beverage-Air R7213-081 Sensor


Carter-Hoffmann 18616-0010 Thermometer


Carter-Hoffmann 18616-0020 Thermometer


Cres Cor 5238 035 K Thermometer


Delfield 3516038 Thermometer,Dial,F.,-


Delfield 3516133 Thermometer,Dial,


Delfield 3516135 Thermometer,Hanging,4


Delfield 3516387 Therm,Dial,-40to65f,168,


Delfield MCC13849 Plate, Face, Digital Therm


Duke 216675 Thermometer, Digital


Duke TA-144 Thermometer
Duke TA-144 Thermometer

Item #: HPTA144


Federal Industries 41-13755 Temp Probe


Franke 3586246 Solar Thermometer


Glastender 11000085 Thermometer


Heatcraft 6142-20 Thermometers


Hill Phoenix P061504K Dial Thermometer


Hoshizaki 3A2850-01 Label-Display


Hussmann 05-S-521 Thermometer


Kairak 3801603 Solar Thermometer, Digital


Kason TM-00 Thermometer 2 In


Kason TM-55 Thermometer


Kelvinator 19-1050-02 Solar T-Meter


Kelvinator 19-1050-03 Thermometer


Kolpak 500000133 Dial Thermometer


Use a freezer thermometer in your refrigeration unit so you and your staff can see accurate temperature readings, keep food at safe storage temperatures, and adhere to HACCP guidelines. These thermometers come in digital or analog designs and can handle a large range of cold temperatures. Some of our thermometers even feature an alarm system that will alert you when your refrigerator isn't at its appropriate temperature. Make sure your restaurant or store has quality refrigeration equipment by using our merchandising glass door freezers, walk-in refrigerators, and back bar coolers. If you're wondering where to buy refrigerator / freezer thermometers, we have a large selection of refrigerator / freezer thermometers for sale at the lowest prices.