Bally Walk-In Freezer Parts

Walk-In Refrigeration Parts for Long-Term Commercial Food Storage

Originally founded in Bally, Pennsylvania, Bally Refrigerated Boxes is a long-time manufacturer of commercial-grade refrigeration equipment with a specialty toward long-term bulk storage. Now headquartered in Morehead, North Carolina, their commitment to quality is the backbone of their business. They're known as the walk-in freezer experts, which is evidenced through their catalog of high-quality commercial equipment. Read more

Bally's products are all made for fast and easy assembly, ensuring that the items you purchase can be put to work right away. Their products feature outstanding insulation to make everything more energy efficient, while their patented in-house locking systems and other innovations make them reliable.

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Hinges and Hinge Hardware

Bally Hinges and Hinge Hardware

Use Bally hinges and hinge hardware to keep your refrigerator and freezer doors opening and closing smoothly, even during busy shifts.

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Capillary Tubes and Expansion Valves

Bally Capillary Tubes and Expansion Valves

Choose Bally capillary tubes and expansion valves to accurately control your refrigerator's temperature and keep food safe to eat.

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Refrigerator and Freezer Thermometers

Bally Refrigerator and Freezer Thermometers

Versatile Bally refrigerator and freezer thermometers are designed to hang inside your equipment and allow you to easily keep track of their temperature.

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Walk-In Refrigeration Parts and Accessories

Bally Walk-In Refrigeration Parts and Accessories

Bally walk-in refrigeration parts and accessories are designed to improve your commercial refrigerator's energy efficiency and thermal retention.

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