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Avantco 17819209 Black Slide HandleAvantco 17819209 Black Slide Handle


Avantco 17811270 Black Pull HandleAvantco 17811270 Black Pull Handle


Avantco PCFDP17 Door HandleAvantco PCFDP17 Door Handle
Avantco PCFDP17 Door Handle

Item #: 177PCFDP17


Avantco 17813010 Door Lock and Key Set


Avantco 17818560 White Pull HandleAvantco 17818560 White Pull Handle


Avantco 360SCKEY KeyAvantco 360SCKEY Key
Avantco 360SCKEY Key

Item #: 360SCKEY


Galaxy 360CFKEYL Key SetGalaxy 360CFKEYL Key Set
Galaxy 360CFKEYL Key Set

Item #: 360CFKEYL


Galaxy 360CFKEYS Key Set
Galaxy 360CFKEYS Key Set

Item #: 360CFKEYS


Galaxy 360CFLOCKL Lock
Galaxy 360CFLOCKL Lock

Item #: 360CFLOCKL


Galaxy 360HFKEY20 KeysGalaxy 360HFKEY20 Keys
Galaxy 360HFKEY20 Keys

Item #: 360HFKEY20


Turbo Air 3000000002 Key Set
Turbo Air 3000000002 Key Set

Item #: 902300000002


Turbo Air P998200100 Key Set
Turbo Air P998200100 Key Set

Item #: 902P99820010


Turbo Air SAKUDOORPOST Door Post


Turbo Air 350000000 Replacement Key - 2/Pack


Turbo Air P0138A0100-K Key Set
Turbo Air P0138A0100-K Key Set

Item #: 902P0138A01K


Hydraulic Door Closer with 1 1/8 inch OffsetHydraulic Door Closer with 1 1/8 inch Offset


Metro C5-LATCHFLUSH Flush Latch Handle


Aladdin 97278 Magnetic Plate


Aladdin 99113 Molded Door Handle


Aladdin 99535 Gravity Latch


All Points 22-1069 20 inch Silver Oven Handle


All Points 22-1135 22 1/2 inch Door Handle


All Points 22-1152 11 3/4 inch Door Latch


All Points 22-1240 12 7/8 inch Chrome Handle


All Points 22-1246 25 inch Oven Door Handle


All Points 22-1394 4 inch Chrome Metal Handle


All Points 26-1329 Oven Door Strike Plate


All Points 26-1330 Ball Plunger Door Catch


All Points 26-1435 Fulcrum Assembly


All Points 26-1459 Drawer Catch Assembly


All Points 26-1826 Door Catch


All Points 26-1829 Roller Door Catch


All Points 26-1830 Roller Catch Bracket


All Points 26-1855 Door Catch 1 inch x 2 inch


All Points 26-2061 Latch Spring Kit


All Points 26-2165 Door Catch


All Points 26-2179 Door Latch Pin


All Points 26-2181 Door Catch 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch


All Points 26-2303 1/2 inch x 3/8 inch Door Magnet


All Points 26-2466 Door Catch Assembly


All Points 26-2467 Door Catch Kit


Use our lock, latch, and handle hardware to keep your doors closed and ensure they open properly. If you need to keep a door closed, use our latches to lock it in place, and prevent the door from damaging the frame by using strike plates. Install a lock kit in a drawer or door to secure a cabinet and prevent people from taking valuable items. Check out our replacement refrigerator doors and work table casters, drawers, and accessories for other equipment parts. Our industrial lubricants will also help you keep your doors and drawers opening smoothly. If you're wondering where to buy lock, latch, and handle hardware, we have a large selection of lock, latch, and handle hardware for sale at the lowest prices.