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High Quality, Durable, and Powerful Cooking Equipment from Garland / US Range

As one of the industry’s leading providers of commercial cooking equipment, Garland / US Range offers some of the best stovetops, ranges, charbroilers, and fryers available. Established in 1864, they have grown from a small Detroit business to an international company. In 2008, Garland / US Range became a part of The Manitowoc Company, one of the world’s leading foodservice suppliers. Read more

Garland / US Range carries a wide selection of commercial cooking equipment to supply every type of foodservice establishment. Ranges and ovens are perfect for any restaurant or cafeteria, while countertop fryers, ranges, and induction cookers are great for food trucks and other facilities with limited space. They also carry specialty items like Teppanyaki griddles and pizza deck ovens.

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Commercial Electric Ranges

Garland / US Range Commercial Electric Ranges

Garland commercial electric restaurant ranges are available in a variety of different sizes, so you can increase the efficiency and cooking capacity of your kitchen.

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Countertop Induction Ranges and Induction Cookers

Garland / US Range Countertop Induction Ranges and Induction Cookers

Garland countertop induction ranges cookers allow you to cook food more quickly than traditional ranges, while also keeping your kitchen cooler and your staff comfortable.

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Salamander Broilers and Cheese Melters

Garland / US Range Salamander Broilers and Cheese Melters

Garland salamander broilers and cheese melters can be used to toast sandwiches, reheat food, and put the final touches on your plated dishes.

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Fry Dump Stations

Garland / US Range Fry Dump Stations

Garland fry dump stations make it easy to prepare fresh, crispy, and delicious french fries in your diner, quick service restaurant, or concession stand.

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