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Metro C5-TRVL Specs
Made in America Yes

Metro C5-TRVL Details

Ensure the door to your holding cabinet stays securely shut during transport with the Metro C5-TRVL travel latch! This latch is compatible with Metro 3 and 1 series holding cabinets to provide a tight, locking seal on the door.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 2"
Width: 1 5/8"

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

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Metro C5-TRVL

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Compatible Models 

Metro C515-CFC-4
Metro C515-CFC-L
Metro C515-CFC-U
Metro C515-HFC-4
Metro C515-HFC-L
Metro C515-HFC-U
Metro C517-CFC-4
Metro C517-CFC-L
Metro C517-CFC-U
Metro C517-HFC-4
Metro C517-HFC-L
Metro C517-HFC-U
Metro C519-CFC-4
Metro C519-CFC-L
Metro C519-CFC-U
Metro C519-HFC-4
Metro C519-HFC-L
Metro C519-HFC-U
Metro C535-CFC-4
Metro C535-CFC-4-BU
Metro C535-CFC-4-GY
Metro C535-CFC-L
Metro C535-CFC-L-BU
Metro C535-CFC-L-GY
Metro C535-CFC-U
Metro C535-CFC-U-BU
Metro C535-CFC-U-GY
Metro C535-CFS-4
Metro C535-CFS-4-BU
Metro C535-CFS-4-GY
Metro C535-CFS-L
Metro C535-CFS-L-BU
Metro C535-CFS-L-GY
Metro C535-CFS-U
Metro C535-CFS-U-BU
Metro C535-CFS-U-GY
Metro C535-CLFC-4
Metro C535-CLFC-4-BU
Metro C535-CLFC-4-GY
Metro C535-CLFC-L
Metro C535-CLFC-L-BU
Metro C535-CLFC-L-GY
Metro C535-CLFC-U
Metro C535-CLFC-U-BU
Metro C535-CLFC-U-GY
Metro C535-CLFS-4
Metro C535-CLFS-4-BU
Metro C535-CLFS-4-GY
Metro C535-CLFS-L
Metro C535-CLFS-L-BU
Metro C535-CLFS-L-GY
Metro C535-CLFS-U
Metro C535-CLFS-U-BU
Metro C535-CLFS-U-GY
Metro C535-HFC-4
Metro C535-HFC-4-BU
Metro C535-HFC-4-GY
Metro C535-HFC-L
Metro C535-HFC-L-BU
Metro C535-HFC-L-GY
Metro C535-HFC-U
Metro C535-HFC-U-BU
Metro C535-HFC-U-GY
Metro C535-HFS-4
Metro C535-HFS-4-BU
Metro C535-HFS-4-GY
Metro C535-HFS-L
Metro C535-HFS-L-BU
Metro C535-HFS-L-GY
Metro C535-HFS-U
Metro C535-HFS-U-BU
Metro C535-HFS-U-GY
Metro C535-HLFC-4
Metro C535-HLFC-4-BU
Metro C535-HLFC-4-GY
Metro C535-HLFC-L
Metro C535-HLFC-L-BU
Metro C535-HLFC-L-GY
Metro C535-HLFC-U
Metro C535-HLFC-U-BU
Metro C535-HLFC-U-GY
Metro C535-HLFS-4
Metro C535-HLFS-4-BU
Metro C535-HLFS-4-GY
Metro C535-HLFS-L
Metro C535-HLFS-L-BU
Metro C535-HLFS-L-GY
Metro C535-HLFS-U
Metro C535-HLFS-U-BU
Metro C535-HLFS-U-GY
Metro C535-MFC-4
Metro C535-MFC-4-BU
Metro C535-MFC-4-GY
Metro C535-MFC-L
Metro C535-MFC-L-BU
Metro C535-MFC-L-GY
Metro C535-MFC-U
Metro C535-MFC-U-BU
Metro C535-MFC-U-GY
Metro C535-MFS-4
Metro C535-MFS-4-BU
Metro C535-MFS-4-GY
Metro C535-MFS-L
Metro C535-MFS-L-BU
Metro C535-MFS-L-GY
Metro C535-MFS-U
Metro C535-MFS-U-BU
Metro C535-MFS-U-GY
Metro C537-CFC-4
Metro C537-CFC-4-BU
Metro C537-CFC-4-GY
Metro C537-CFC-L
Metro C537-CFC-L-BU
Metro C537-CFC-L-GY
Metro C537-CFC-U
Metro C537-CFC-U-BU
Metro C537-CFC-U-GY
Metro C537-CFS-4
Metro C537-CFS-4-BU
Metro C537-CFS-4-GY
Metro C537-CFS-L
Metro C537-CFS-L-BU
Metro C537-CFS-L-GY
Metro C537-CFS-U
Metro C537-CFS-U-BU
Metro C537-CFS-U-GY
Metro C537-CLFC-4
Metro C537-CLFC-4-BU
Metro C537-CLFC-4-GY
Metro C537-CLFC-L
Metro C537-CLFC-L-BU
Metro C537-CLFC-L-GY
Metro C537-CLFC-U
Metro C537-CLFC-U-BU
Metro C537-CLFC-U-GY
Metro C537-CLFS-4
Metro C537-CLFS-4-BU
Metro C537-CLFS-4-GY
Metro C537-CLFS-L
Metro C537-CLFS-L-BU
Metro C537-CLFS-L-GY
Metro C537-CLFS-U
Metro C537-CLFS-U-BU
Metro C537-CLFS-U-GY
Metro C537-HFC-4
Metro C537-HFC-4-BU
Metro C537-HFC-4-GY
Metro C537-HFC-L
Metro C537-HFC-L-BU
Metro C537-HFC-L-GY
Metro C537-HFC-U
Metro C537-HFC-U-BU
Metro C537-HFC-U-GY
Metro C537-HFS-4
Metro C537-HFS-4-BU
Metro C537-HFS-4-GY
Metro C537-HFS-L
Metro C537-HFS-L-BU
Metro C537-HFS-L-GY
Metro C537-HFS-U
Metro C537-HFS-U-BU
Metro C537-HFS-U-GY
Metro C537-HLFC-4
Metro C537-HLFC-4-BU
Metro C537-HLFC-4-GY
Metro C537-HLFC-L
Metro C537-HLFC-L-BU
Metro C537-HLFC-L-GY
Metro C537-HLFC-U
Metro C537-HLFC-U-BU
Metro C537-HLFC-U-GY
Metro C537-HLFS-4
Metro C537-HLFS-4-BU
Metro C537-HLFS-4-GY
Metro C537-HLFS-L
Metro C537-HLFS-L-BU
Metro C537-HLFS-L-GY
Metro C537-HLFS-U
Metro C537-HLFS-U-BU
Metro C537-HLFS-U-GY
Metro C537-MFC-4
Metro C537-MFC-4-BU
Metro C537-MFC-4-GY
Metro C537-MFC-L
Metro C537-MFC-L-BU
Metro C537-MFC-L-GY
Metro C537-MFC-U
Metro C537-MFC-U-BU
Metro C537-MFC-U-GY
Metro C537-MFS-4
Metro C537-MFS-4-BU
Metro C537-MFS-4-GY
Metro C537-MFS-L
Metro C537-MFS-L-BU
Metro C537-MFS-L-GY
Metro C537-MFS-U
Metro C537-MFS-U-BU
Metro C537-MFS-U-GY
Metro C539-CDC-4
Metro C539-CDC-4-BU
Metro C539-CDC-4-GY
Metro C539-CDC-L
Metro C539-CDC-L-BU
Metro C539-CDC-L-GY
Metro C539-CDC-U
Metro C539-CDC-U-BU
Metro C539-CDC-U-GY
Metro C539-CDS-4
Metro C539-CDS-4-BU
Metro C539-CDS-4-GY
Metro C539-CDS-L
Metro C539-CDS-L-BU
Metro C539-CDS-L-GY
Metro C539-CDS-U
Metro C539-CDS-U-BU
Metro C539-CDS-U-GY
Metro C539-CFC-4
Metro C539-CFC-4-BU
Metro C539-CFC-4-GY
Metro C539-CFC-L
Metro C539-CFC-L-BU
Metro C539-CFC-L-GY
Metro C539-CFC-U
Metro C539-CFC-U-BU
Metro C539-CFC-U-GY
Metro C539-CFS-4
Metro C539-CFS-4-BU
Metro C539-CFS-4-GY
Metro C539-CFS-L
Metro C539-CFS-L-BU
Metro C539-CFS-L-GY
Metro C539-CFS-U
Metro C539-CFS-U-BU
Metro C539-CFS-U-GY
Metro C539-CLDC-4
Metro C539-CLDC-4-BU
Metro C539-CLDC-4-GY
Metro C539-CLDC-L
Metro C539-CLDC-L-BU
Metro C539-CLDC-L-GY
Metro C539-CLDC-U
Metro C539-CLDC-U-BU
Metro C539-CLDC-U-GY
Metro C539-CLDS-4
Metro C539-CLDS-4-BU
Metro C539-CLDS-4-GY
Metro C539-CLDS-L
Metro C539-CLDS-L-BU
Metro C539-CLDS-L-GY
Metro C539-CLDS-U
Metro C539-CLDS-U-BU
Metro C539-CLDS-U-GY
Metro C539-CLFC-4
Metro C539-CLFC-4-BU
Metro C539-CLFC-4-GY
Metro C539-CLFC-L
Metro C539-CLFC-L-BU
Metro C539-CLFC-L-GY
Metro C539-CLFC-U
Metro C539-CLFC-U-BU
Metro C539-CLFC-U-GY
Metro C539-CLFS-4
Metro C539-CLFS-4-BU
Metro C539-CLFS-4-GY
Metro C539-CLFS-L
Metro C539-CLFS-L-BU
Metro C539-CLFS-L-GY
Metro C539-CLFS-U
Metro C539-CLFS-U-BU
Metro C539-CLFS-U-GY
Metro C539-HDC-4
Metro C539-HDC-4-BU
Metro C539-HDC-4-GY
Metro C539-HDC-L
Metro C539-HDC-L-BU
Metro C539-HDC-L-GY
Metro C539-HDC-U
Metro C539-HDC-U-BU
Metro C539-HDC-U-GY
Metro C539-HDS-4
Metro C539-HDS-4-BU
Metro C539-HDS-4-GY
Metro C539-HDS-L
Metro C539-HDS-L-BU
Metro C539-HDS-L-GY
Metro C539-HDS-U
Metro C539-HDS-U-BU
Metro C539-HDS-U-GY
Metro C539-HFC-4
Metro C539-HFC-4-BU
Metro C539-HFC-4-GY
Metro C539-HFC-L
Metro C539-HFC-L-BU
Metro C539-HFC-L-GY
Metro C539-HFC-U
Metro C539-HFC-U-BU
Metro C539-HFC-U-GY
Metro C539-HFS-4
Metro C539-HFS-4-BU
Metro C539-HFS-4-GY
Metro C539-HFS-L
Metro C539-HFS-L-BU
Metro C539-HFS-L-GY
Metro C539-HFS-U
Metro C539-HFS-U
Metro C539-HFS-U-BU
Metro C539-HFS-U-GY
Metro C539-HLDC-4
Metro C539-HLDC-4-BU
Metro C539-HLDC-4-GY
Metro C539-HLDC-L
Metro C539-HLDC-L-BU
Metro C539-HLDC-L-GY
Metro C539-HLDC-U
Metro C539-HLDC-U-BU
Metro C539-HLDC-U-GY
Metro C539-HLDS-4
Metro C539-HLDS-4-BU
Metro C539-HLDS-4-GY
Metro C539-HLDS-L
Metro C539-HLDS-L-BU
Metro C539-HLDS-L-GY
Metro C539-HLDS-U
Metro C539-HLDS-U-BU
Metro C539-HLDS-U-GY
Metro C539-HLFC-4
Metro C539-HLFC-4-BU
Metro C539-HLFC-4-GY
Metro C539-HLFC-L
Metro C539-HLFC-L-BU
Metro C539-HLFC-L-GY
Metro C539-HLFC-U
Metro C539-HLFC-U-BU
Metro C539-HLFC-U-GY
Metro C539-HLFS-4
Metro C539-HLFS-4-BU
Metro C539-HLFS-4-GY
Metro C539-HLFS-L
Metro C539-HLFS-L-BU
Metro C539-HLFS-L-GY
Metro C539-HLFS-U
Metro C539-HLFS-U-BU
Metro C539-HLFS-U-GY
Metro C539-MDC-4
Metro C539-MDC-4-BU
Metro C539-MDC-4-GY
Metro C539-MDC-L
Metro C539-MDC-L-BU
Metro C539-MDC-L-GY
Metro C539-MDC-U
Metro C539-MDC-U-BU
Metro C539-MDC-U-GY
Metro C539-MDS-4
Metro C539-MDS-4-BU
Metro C539-MDS-4-GY
Metro C539-MDS-L
Metro C539-MDS-L-BU
Metro C539-MDS-L-GY
Metro C539-MDS-U
Metro C539-MDS-U-BU
Metro C539-MDS-U-GY
Metro C539-MFC-4
Metro C539-MFC-4-BU
Metro C539-MFC-4-GY
Metro C539-MFC-L
Metro C539-MFC-L-BU
Metro C539-MFC-L-GY
Metro C539-MFC-U
Metro C539-MFC-U-BU
Metro C539-MFC-U-GY
Metro C539-MFS-4
Metro C539-MFS-4-BU
Metro C539-MFS-4-GY
Metro C539-MFS-L
Metro C539-MFS-L-BU
Metro C539-MFS-L-GY
Metro C539-MFS-U
Metro C539-MFS-U-BU
Metro C539-MFS-U-GY

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