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Accutemp AT0P-2714-1 Hose Clamp, 1/4


Accutemp AT0P-2714-5 Hose Clamp, 1/2 In


All Points 85-1299 Band Clamp


Beverage-Air 605-038A Hose Clamp


Blodgett 54107 Hose Clamp


Blodgett R0080 Hose Clamp


Champion 104165 Clamphose
Champion 104165 Clamphose

Item #: HP104165


Champion 104203 Clamp
Champion 104203 Clamp

Item #: HP104203


Champion 105993 Hose Clamp


Champion 107340 Hose Clamp


Champion 111780 Clamp, Hose


Cornelius 309852000 Clamp #17.0


Cornelius 638036269 Clamp
Cornelius 638036269 Clamp

Item #: HP638036269


Cres Cor 0567 298 Nylon Clamp Whi


Cres Cor 0567 494 Clamp Bulb


Cres Cor 0806 057 U-Clip
Cres Cor 0806 057 U-Clip

Item #: HP0806057


Electrolux 047578 Hose Clamp


Electrolux 0L0367 Hose Clamp


Franke BK311955 Hose Pliers
Franke BK311955 Hose Pliers

Item #: HPBK311955


Frymaster 8090969 Clamp, 3 inch T-Bolt


Garland / US Range 4531552 Cowl Tether Kit


Gold Medal 75110 Wire Hose Clamp


Groen 110888-I Hose Clamp (Each)


Groen 127527 Hose Clamps
Groen 127527 Hose Clamps

Item #: HP127527


Groen Z073259 Hose Clamps
Groen Z073259 Hose Clamps

Item #: HPZ073259


Henny Penny MS01-297 Hose Clamp


Henny Penny MS01-315 Hose Clamp


Hoshizaki 427443-03 Hose Clamp 25 Mm Sus


Hoshizaki 427443-05 Hose Clamp 18 Mm Sus


Hoshizaki 427443-06 Hose Clamp 20 Mm Sus


Hoshizaki 427443-07 Hose Clamp 13.5 Mm Sus


Hoshizaki 427443-08 Hose Clamp 27 Mm Sus


Hoshizaki 427443-09 Hose Clamp 32mm Sus


Hoshizaki 4A2017-01 Hose Clamp


Hoshizaki 4A2017-04 Hose Clamp


Hoshizaki 4A2017-05 Hose Clamp


Hoshizaki 4A2017-07 Hose Clamp


Insinger D2839 Hose Clamp


Jackson 4730-719-18-00 Hose Clamp


Manitowoc Ice 5650609 Hose Clamp - 2/Pack


Manitowoc Ice 5650709 Hose Clamp - 2/Pack


Market Forge 08-1206 Hose Clamp 1/2


Moyer Diebel 0503679 Hose Clamp


Perlick 63291-2 Clamp
Perlick 63291-2 Clamp

Item #: HP632912


Rational 2066.0205 Hose Clamp - 5/Pack


Rational 2066.0504 Hose Clamp


Rational 2066.0505 Hose Clamp - 2/Pack


Rational 2066.0518 Hose Clamp


Rational 2066.0521 Hose Clamp, 27mm - 5/Pack


Rational 2066.0531 Hose Clamp


Salvajor S24 Hose Clamp


Vulcan 00-557718 Hose Clamp
Vulcan 00-557718 Hose Clamp

Item #: HP00557718


Vulcan 00-557844 Hose Clamp 19mm Nrw


Vulcan 00-557845 #24 Hose Clamp 6


Vulcan 00-557846 #29 Hose Clamp 8


Vulcan 00-557847 #29 Hose Clamp 8


Our selection of commercial hose clamps includes products that can secure hoses in a variety of diameters, so you’ll have no trouble finding just what you’re looking for. While some of them are perforated, we also offer band clamps made of solid stainless steel for use in commercial fryers. Please keep in mind that many of these items can only be used in specific appliance models and are not universal parts. For related products, check out our gas hoses and accessories, gas connectors and valves, and water appliance connectors. If you're wondering where to buy hose clamps, we have a large selection of hose clamps for sale at the lowest prices.