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For Unmatched Freshness or the Perfect Sous Vide

VacMaster is a foodservice industry leader. Specializing in vacuum sealing equipment, VacMaster offers a range of equipment to transform your kitchen and maximize your cooking potential. Whether you are looking to keep foods fresher longer or cook the perfect sous vide, VacMaster has a suction vacuum sealer, chamber vacuum sealer, or bag sealer for you. Read more

For vacuum veterans, VacMaster offers a complete line of vacuum bags and rolls, parts, and accessories to keep your vacuum packaging machines working at full capacity. VacMaster is devoted to manufacturing the finest quality products and saving you money while they do it! Their machines allow you to store foods up to five times longer and keep things fresh and full of flavor.

VacMaster Bag Sealers and Bag Sealer Tape

VacMaster Bag Sealers and Bag Sealer Tape

VacMaster bag sealers and tape are ideal for properly vacuum sealing your food, keeping it safe from spoiling, flavor loss, and a variety of other food storage dangers.

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