Table Linens

Table linens like cloth napkins, table skirting, and table covers add a sophisticated appearance to any dining room.

Restaurant Aprons

Restaurant aprons are essential in any foodservice establishment because they protect your employees’ clothing from stains.

Cleaning Cloths and Towels

Easily polish, wipe down, and dry surfaces or supplies with cleaning cloths and towels. We offer bar towels, dish cloths, and even microfiber mitts.

Soft Delivery Bags

Simplify food deliveries from your hotel kitchen and ensure that food retrains its proper temperature with the help of these soft delivery bags.

Pot Holders and Oven Mitts

Pot holders and oven mitts enable your staff to safely handle hot pots and pans. We even carry handle covers for skillets and saucepans.

Chef, Cook, and Server Apparel

Provide your staff with the proper chef, cook, and server apparel, so they can look professional and uniform.

Kitchen Textiles

Protect your hands, equipment, and food with kitchen textiles. These covers keep dust off your utensils and bun pans for a more sanitary work environment.

Hotel and Spa Linens

Our selection of hotel and spa linens includes all the items you need to offer your guests a comfortable stay, from bath mats to duvet covers.

Whether you’re starting a new business and need to stock up on a large supply of textiles, linens, and uniforms, or you’re simply looking to replace your soiled, ripped, and worn supplies, you’ve come to the right place. Since all of our restaurant and hotel linens are made from high-quality materials, you can rest assured they’ll last in your commercial kitchen. Plus, many of these items are machine washable for fast and easy cleanup. For other cooking and hospitality items, be sure to check out our server supplies, kitchen hand tools, and hotel amenities.

Outfit Your Foodservice or Hospitality Establishment with the Proper Restaurant Uniforms and Wholesale Linens

If you operate any type of foodservice business, it’s important to stock up on restaurant uniforms and textiles, so you can maintain a clean and sanitary establishment. You’ll find supplies for almost any type of operation, from fast food locations and fine dining restaurants to hotels and spas. Almost every product we carry is available in different colors and sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect item for your needs.

Our selection of food service uniforms includes chef coats, cook shirts, pants, and aprons, which are all used to prevent debris from the wearer’s clothes from falling into the food being prepped. You’ll also find hats, caps, and visors that keep hair pulled back and out of the cook’s face. We even carry bow ties, waiter’s gloves, and button-down shirts for the servers in your white tablecloth establishment to wear.

Don’t forget to purchase textiles for your dining room and prep area, as well. Choose from table cloths of different sizes, colors, and styles to find the option that best complements your establishment’s decor. You’ll also want to keep items like bar towels and cleaning cloths on hand in your kitchen area to make cleanup more efficient.

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