Hotel Amenity Trays & Storage

Use hotel amenity trays to keep your hotel rooms looking organized and tidy for your guests.

Hotel Trash Cans

Provide hotel trash cans in your guest rooms so your customers have a place to dispose of small trash items.

Hotel Door Signs

Hotel door signs offer your customers a sense of privacy, making it easy to indicate if they require room cleaning.

Folding Luggage Racks and Hotel Luggage Racks

Luggage racks allow your guests to easily unpack their suitcases while keeping them off the floor and out of the way.

Hotel Bedding

Our selection of hotel bedding products includes sheets, blankets, and covers so that you can improve your bedrooms.

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Room Service & Extended Stay Cookware

Make your guests feel at home by stocking kitchenettes with room service and extended-stay cookware.


Add a safe to each of your guest rooms so guests can lock up their valuables and feel comfortable during their stay.

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Provide ashtrays on guest room patios so your guests have a place to snuff out their cigarettes when needed.

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Hotel Refrigeration

Hotel refrigeration options are excellent for guests to bring drinks, leftovers, or breakfast options back to their room.

Hotel Room Alarm Clocks / Radios

Help your guests stay on schedule during their stay by placing alarm clocks in each of your hotel rooms.

Drink Station Supplies

Create an inviting hotel room experience with drinks station supplies like coffee makers, cups, teas, and ice buckets.

Ironing and Laundry Supplies

Provide your visitors with ironing and laundry supplies like hampers and detergent, so they can keep their clothing and linens clean and neat.


Stock up on hotel decor to add the perfect finishing touches to your hotel rooms and create a welcoming space.

Outfit your overnight establishment with the necessary hotel room supplies, so you can make your visitors feel like they’re at home. By keeping your inventory stocked, patrons can come to your front desk if they forget to pack something. Also, having basic essentials available to your visitors will encourage them to return to your hotel or motel the next time they’re in the area. While you’re shopping for supplies for your hotel, be sure to also stock up on chafers, coffee and tea servers, and serving utensils for your establishment’s breakfast buffet or restaurant.

Ensure Your Patrons Have an Enjoyable Stay by Outfitting Guest Rooms with Our Hotel Bedroom Supplies

Make the guests staying at your hotel, motel, or other overnight establishments feel welcome and comfortable by providing them with hotel bedding and guest room amenities. You’ll find everything you need for each guest room, from linens, ice buckets, and shower curtains to laundry detergent, hangers, and room service trays. By having these items readily available for your guests, they won’t have to worry about packing their own supplies.

Our selection of hotel room supplies includes essentials, like coffee makers, trash cans, and ironing boards for your standard rooms as well as cookware sets, glassware, and scales for your more luxurious suites. You’ll even find towels, bath mats, and hair dryers for each guest room’s bathroom. Don’t forget to also stock up on miniature bottles of soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, and be sure to keep extras stored at your service desk.

In addition to smaller hotel room supplies, we offer larger furniture as well. Check out our selection of luggage racks that hold your customers’ suitcases, and browse our flat screen stands, television carts, and mounts. You’ll even find cribs, cradles, and accessories, which are convenient for families with young children to use.