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Taylor 5827-21 White Classic Digital Pocket Kitchen Timer


Reg.Lots of 4
$3.59 $3.41

FMP 151 7500 Digital 4 Channel Commercial Kitchen Countdown Timer


Reg.3 - 11 Lots of 12
$37.99 $36.75$35.28

Taylor 5839N Digital 4 Channel Commercial Kitchen Timer


1 - 3 4+
$29.99 $29.27

Taylor 1470FS Digital Cooking Thermometer and Kitchen Timer


Reg.Lots of 6
$12.49 $12.11

Taylor 5832 TruTimer Mechanical 60 Minute Timer


Reg.Lots of 12
$3.89 $3.73

Taylor 5842N21 Digital Single Event Pocket Kitchen Timer


Reg.Lots of 4
$3.49 $3.24

Taylor 5863 Splash and Drop Ruggedized Kitchen Timer


Reg.Lots of 6
$11.99 $11.70

Digital Hour / Minute Magnetic Kitchen Timer with Clip


Reg.Lots of 24
$4.19 $3.70

Taylor 5847-21 Digital Chrome Timer with Memory and Clock


Reg.Lots of 6
$5.99 $5.80

Taylor 5849 Digital 4 Channel Kitchen Timer with White Board and Dry Erase Pen


Reg.Lots of 6
$8.69 $8.35

Taylor 5829 10 Key Digital Timer


Reg.Lots of 6
$8.79 $8.10

Taylor 5862 Digital 4 Channel Pocket Kitchen Timer


Reg.Lots of 6
$8.39 $8.02

Taylor 5816N Chef's Professional Digital Kitchen Timer / Stopwatch with Lanyard


Reg.Lots of 3
$6.79 $6.52

Taylor 5872-9 Jumbo Digital Dual Event Kitchen Timer with Memory and Clock


Reg.Lots of 6
$7.89 $7.60

Taylor 5896 Pro Jumbo Digital Timer with Memory and Alarm


Reg.Lots of 6
$7.59 $6.76

If you have a digital timer in your commercial kitchen, you’ll reduce the chances of food burning, overcooking, or becoming dried out. Cooks can also be more productive since they can work on prepping sides, salads, and sauces without having to keep a close eye on their dishes. Browse our many options with various maximum time settings to find the timer best suited for the recipes you cook most often! For more great prep tools, check out our oven mitts, sheet pans, and sauce pots. If you're wondering where to buy kitchen timers, we have a large selection of kitchen timers for sale at the lowest prices.