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  • Tracks four kitchen events on one face with different tones for each one
  • White board lets you make notes for timers
  • Each timer tracks up to 24 hours and 59 minutes
  • Stand or hang with magnet
  • Two "AAA" batteries included
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Simultaneously clock up to four cooking cycles or other events on a single screen with the Taylor 5849 digital 4 channel kitchen timer.

Use this kitchen timer to keep track of the multiple dishes you have cooking in your industrial kitchen all at once. It is equipped with a unique alarm that sounds at the end of a timing cycle so you will never miss it. The timer includes two AA batteries so you can immediately start using it in your kitchen.

Includes 4 Timers

The left side of the timer boasts 4 separate digital timers. Each timer can count up or down or up to 24 hours. Easy-to use buttons allow you to set the timers for hours or minutes and start/stop all of them separately or reset them all together if necessary.

Convenient White Board

The right side of this kitchen timer has a white board for your notes. With an included dry-erase marker, marking which timer goes to which dish or making notes about what to do when the timer goes off is easy and immediate. Never worry about forgetting which timer goes to which dish by simply and easily marking them as you go.

Memory Function

A convenient memory function on this timer allows you to recall your last set timing event. So whether you want to double check on the length of your last timing event or use the settings again, this function is a convenient addition to this kitchen timer.

Stand or Hang

Put this kitchen timer wherever you need it. With a magnetic back, this is ideal for hanging on the refrigerator or stove for easy access and constant visibility. If this doesn't work for you, simply use the back stand to stand it up on your counter or even a windowsill to keep it in eye-sight while also staying out of your way.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Length:4 1/2"
  • Width:7/8"
  • Height:3 3/4 Inches

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Customer Reviews

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The quality of these timers seem to have plummeted. We started using them over 3 years ago and it was incredibly helpful with stock baking in our business, but for the past year no matter how many new ones we buy, about a month or so in they will slowly stop working. We thought it may be an issue with getting bumped or splashed on, but no matter how much we baby them they eventually stop working at that month mark. The timer will count down but will never beep or go off. Always starts with one channel then the others follow suit. Don't recommend, but I'll give it two stars since they used to be incredible

Tom S. on 01/01/2022

Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Great for setting timers while prepping snacks. The mini whiteboard is great for writing which table the snacks go out to just in case someone else is grabbing the snacks

Katelyn K. from North South Club, Inc. on 03/27/2020

I have ordered this time at least 3 times in the past couple years. It has its pros and cons. Overall I like using this timer because the alarm is loud and doesn't quit, also shows the time elapsed after the alarm goes off. The multi line feature is great too. On the bad side, it's just not that durable. The magnets on the back will give out, or the actual operation ceases to work for no apparent reason. If it hits the floor, it's game over. Usually I get about 6 months use. That's ok considering the price. But the last one I bought did not perform well - the sound simply ceased working, and it's only about a month or 2 in use. I am disappointed.

Nancy M. from The Duke House Tea Room And Bakery on 03/13/2020

Thank you for your review, Nancy! We are sorry this Taylor 5849 Digital 4 Channel Kitchen Timer with White Board and Dry Erase Pen has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

This comes in handy in the kitchen. I used it for catering and the pad is great so you know exactly what you set your timers for.

Ivan H. from Innovative Catering on 08/02/2018

This 4 channel timer seems to be holding up well for us. The 4 channels let us time multiple things at same time without needing multiple timers. White board is an extra feature some may find useful.

Greg B. from Big Family Pizza, Inc on 04/07/2018

The most used gadget in the kitchen. I appreciate that the four event timers have distinct alarm tones. I do wish there were a 10 or 15 min quick add, the intervals are 1 minute or 1 hour

Jen M. from Nomnoms on 04/05/2018

This is a helpful way to organize and control the flow of a busy oven. The digital 4 channel timer with whiteboard and pen is all you need to keep things cooked, and not burned.

James C. from Catering Inc on 03/05/2018

Overall, the Taylor Digital 4 Channel Kitchen Timer with White Board is a great product. You can take notes on pre determined times on the dry erase board then use the 4 event slots to time your cooking.

Larry G. on 01/30/2018

I was very excited to receive this product. How brilliant to have 4 separate timers in one but also a place to write down what the timer is actually for. And a marker and eraser was even provided! This product worked great for a little while but the magnets were not strong enough and the timer ended up sliding often and falling on the floor. It was also sometimes hard to hear the timer going off. In a busy kitchen you need something that is loud enough to hear over everything else going on. I wish this timer would work for our operation but it just couldn't hold up to a professional kitchen atmosphere.

Young L. from Younglife Saranac Village on 01/30/2018

This 4 Channel Kitchen timer truly allows you to multi task while also maintaining quality. The white board and dry erase pen is good for noting down cooking times, temperatures, or anything else you need to jot down.

Lance J. from Lance on 11/30/2017

Great kitchen timer. Easy to use, extremely loud so you can hear it from far away if needed. I just wish it had a clock feature too.

Mishel S. on 11/05/2017

This item is handy - I've never seen a timer that you can write down on a dry-erase board what the different buzzers are for. Works well and is easy to use. Also has two small magnets on the back to place on your fridge, stove or somewhere else convenient. We recommend this item.

Deborah R. from Cinnamon Nut Haus, LLC on 08/26/2017

We love our digital 4 channel kitchen timer. It is very user friendly. The dry erase board makes it easy for everyone to know what is ready when when timer goes off.

Debra H. on 07/30/2017

One of the best and most affordable timers we have ever purchased. After prolonged use in a greasy kitchen we have had small issues with the battery placement, but easily fixed. We will definitely be purchasing them again.

Amelia N. from Tangled Hearts Bakery on 05/04/2017

Wow I really like this timer so I had a regular timer but then I saw this on this website and it's got a white board and for timers all on the same machine I'm still trying to figure it out and had to reset all of them and stuff like that but it seems pretty easy I got two of the timers to go off at the same time so I was pretty cool I really like you so were you born and how it comes with the free marker

Mike R. from N/A on 04/27/2017

This timer is a life saver. Many times there is so much going on in the kitchen that things get forgotten. With this timer we are able to start and stop different dishes without forgetting them. Set up to 4 timers with this product. The dry erase part allows you to mark what each timer is for and make any notes necessary.

Brandon G. from Dig & Serve on 04/16/2017

Very good timer that offers the option of tracking several different items in the oven all at once. The only problem we had was that the magnets on the back are not super strong and it tends to slide.

Samantha K. from Bakeshop LLC on 03/27/2017

good to have options of times once you get the hang of using it. it has a loud beeping pattern, different for each four timeslots-but it's not obnoxious. the fact that it has a magnet to stick to the fridge or oven is really helpful

Twins A. on 03/13/2017

Great 4 even timer for the price. This comes with batteries already installed and the magnets keep the timer securely in place. We use this to time multiple items in our pizza oven. Save one item from burning and this pays for itself.

Mike B. from Mm Clubhouse on 03/06/2017

Proves quite handy being able to have multiple timers for our kitchen, the ability to write down reminders on it is a huge bonus, You can use it on a metal surface and stick it with the magnets or you can deploy the stand in the back of it and moving to where ever you wish.

Jack V. from Rooma4baking on 10/02/2016

My favorite thing about this timer is the attached dry erase board. It really helps you to remember which timer is for what! Great for a busy mom or chef. Really comes in handy around the holidays.

Holly N. on 07/25/2016

Great four event timer, little small space and I am not sure about how long battery will last but no cord needed to plug in.

Gloria L. on 05/16/2016

What a great product. The timer is well designed and simple to use. The dry erase board is the perfect size for writing a couple of words next to each timer. We use these daily and love them.

James J. on 04/14/2016

These four event timer works well, also design with a little dry erase white board. Nice product and even better with this low price. Great!

Zhong T. on 10/25/2015

I've been very impressed with this little timer thus far! The fact that I dropped it the very first day that I used it (batteries flew out and everything) but once I reassembled it was still working is a great sign to me! Easy interface to use. There's no auditory alarm that goes off with the timers though.

Scott Q. on 10/05/2015

We usually have several ovens going at once with different cook times, and this timer allows us to keep track of everything. It is easy to set, and the white board option is convenient to have.

Nicole M. from Mad Batter Baker on 08/14/2015

Meh. Kind of puny in size. Thought it was going to be way bigger and louder with the buzzer. Can't say I really recommend it.

Ryan V. from Backwater on 07/09/2015

This timer is sturdy, with a very loud alarm. It is neat to be able to label each timer. Since it is large, it places well on the refrigerator or any metal surface.

Eulona C. from E C Dean on 06/16/2015

Wow! I really can't say enough good about this. So there's the obvious: having four timers AND a dry erase board is a brilliant idea. But then there's the not-so-obvious: it has this amazing feature where you can't reset in-progress timers. So you don't have to be worried about accidentally resetting your running timer into oblivion. Whoever designed the code for this thing is a genius. Get two.

James D. on 05/03/2015

This timer works perfectly well, I just wish there was a way to turn the sound down. Being able to write on it is very handy. The magnets are an extra bonus.

Robert T. from Oxford Coffee Co. on 09/25/2014

Great timer to have if you are trying to keep track of multiple things. The alarm is very loud so it is guaranteed to be heard. The dry erase board is a little small but I also have large hands. So it might not be an issue for other people.

Joshua L. on 05/09/2014

The timer works just fine and you can't beat the price. However, the marker didn't work at all (dried out) and I wish there was a way to turn off the display when not in use.

Maryana G. on 03/27/2014

Thank you for your review! Please feel free to contact a Customer Solutions Representative if you have any questions or concerns about your purchase.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

This is a wonderful timer. I use it to time each step of my bread cycles. I purchased enough for each separate bread to ensure I mix, shape and proof on time. I also write how many folds a given bread requires.

Laurie W. from Petite Fleury Bakery on 11/25/2013

its a really nice timer that i've ever bought in my life. they have 4 event that you can use. i use this for my pizza oven. great product. my employee love it.

Enchieh L. on 04/07/2013

Great little timer for the price. Our prep guy really like the white erase board so that everyone knows what each timer is for when it goes off. It is a little small and Im not sure how long it will last in our kitchen but for the price it is well worth rebuying if needed

Chad M. from Gallaghers Pizza on 12/20/2012

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