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Antunes is a Leading Manufacturer of Countertop Cooking Equipment and Water Filtration Systems

Antunes was founded in 1955 and is committed to the success of their customers while also continuing to create innovative products. They specialize in custom countertop cooking equipment and water filtration systems for the foodservice industry. Antunes has won a variety of customer service and environmental awards, so they’re also a brand you can trust. Read more

In addition to their signature hot side equipment for toasting, grilling, steaming, and holding, Antunes manufactures cup dispenser systems and timers. When it comes to filtration systems, Antunes offers products for filtration, removing scale buildup, and solving taste and odor issues. If you’re shopping for controls, you’ll also find a host of custom electronic controls, pressure switches, and temperature controllers to choose from.

Antunes Food Grade and Food Safe Lubricants

Antunes Food Grade and Food Safe Lubricants

Antunes food grade and food safe lubricants are perfect for oiling meat slicers, vegetable cutters, and other food preparation tools.

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