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Create an Efficient and Food Safe Environment with CDN Thermometers

In 1984, Richard Murtagh combined his passion of science and cooking, paired with the intrigue of the connection between the two, and founded CDN. At CDN, food safety drives their mission to bringing the most superior kitchen measurement tools to restaurateurs everywhere. Their broad line of thermometers, timers, and scales are backed by innovative technology to ensure an accurate, high-quality product is produced every time. Read more

Creating a food safe environment is imperative in any restaurant, and with CDN's technology, there's no shortage of ways to achieve this. From reading temperatures while frying to grilling and frothing to freezing, CDN thermometers are made for it all. Plus, timers are available, too, for complete, maximum efficiency and accuracy throughout your commercial kitchen.

CDN Probe Wipes

CDN Probe Wipes

Bring sanitation and food safety to the forefront of your business with CDN probe wipes.

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