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Avantco PAG5 6 inch Cast Iron Grate


Avantco PAG21 36 inch Grease Tray


Avantco PAG3 U Type Burner Assembly


Avantco PAG4 Control Dial


Avantco PAG1 4 inch Adjustable Foot


Avantco PAG11 #50 Liquid Propane Orifice


Avantco PAG14 Pilot Valve
Avantco PAG14 Pilot Valve

Item #: 177PAG14


Avantco PAG16 Pilot Pipe
Avantco PAG16 Pilot Pipe

Item #: 177PAG16


Avantco PAG17 Cast Iron Radiant


Avantco PAG18 Dual Regulator


Avantco PAG20 24 inch Grease Tray


Avantco PAG24 Control Valve


Avantco PAG6 Pilot Orifice Bracket


Avantco PAG8 #36 Natural Gas Orifice


Cooking Performance Group 390101 4 inch Leg for CPG Countertop Equipment - 4/Pack


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Ceramic Grill Briquettes
Ceramic Grill Briquettes

Item #: 472BRIQUET


Reg.Lots of 6
$8.89 $8.58

Replacement Lava Rocks For Gas Grills and Charbroilers - 7 lb.


Reg.5 - 9 Lots of 10
$4.89 $4.76$4.59

APW Wyott 3100001 CharRocks for Charbroilers


Bakers Pride 21886011 Casters - 4/Set

$249.70 /Set

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Globe CHARSSRAD Stainless Steel Radiant


MagiKitch'n ZBACKSHELF-48 48 inch Back Overhead Shelf


MagiKitch'n ZZMAGKT02M042 36 inch Lower Rack


Bakers Pride G1086X Countertop Charbroiler Stainless Steel Work Deck

$409.20 /Each

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Bakers Pride 21882413 Dante Series Stainless Steel Radiants - 5/Set

$227.70 /Set

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Choose from plenty of charbroiler accessories to fix almost any broken component or to improve your unit. From leg kits and casters to lava rocks and radiants, we have the external and internal parts you need to continue grilling your signature dishes. If you're looking to add extra storage space to your unit, you may also want to consider purchasing add-on shelves. These shelves connect to your charbroiler and add space on top of your grilling area. We also carry cleaning brushes, grill cleaning tools, and grill cleaner to keep your charbroiler free of char and debris. If you're wondering where to buy charbroiler parts and accessories, we have a large selection of charbroiler parts and accessories for sale at the lowest prices.