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Avantco PAG9 #37 Natural Gas OrificeAvantco PAG9 #37 Natural Gas Orifice


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Avantco EGTRAY Replacement Grease TrayAvantco EGTRAY Replacement Grease Tray


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Avantco PAG3 U Type Burner AssemblyAvantco PAG3 U Type Burner Assembly


Avantco PAG4 Control DialAvantco PAG4 Control Dial


Avantco PAG1 4 inch Adjustable FootAvantco PAG1 4 inch Adjustable Foot


Avantco PAG12 #51 Liquid Propane OrificeAvantco PAG12 #51 Liquid Propane Orifice


Avantco EGELEM24 Replacement Heating ElementAvantco EGELEM24 Replacement Heating Element


Avantco EGTERMINAL1 Terminal BlockAvantco EGTERMINAL1 Terminal Block


Avantco EGTERMINAL2 Terminal BlockAvantco EGTERMINAL2 Terminal Block


Avantco PAG14 Pilot ValveAvantco PAG14 Pilot Valve
Avantco PAG14 Pilot Valve

Item #: 177PAG14


Avantco PAG16 Pilot PipeAvantco PAG16 Pilot Pipe
Avantco PAG16 Pilot Pipe

Item #: 177PAG16


Avantco PAG18 Dual RegulatorAvantco PAG18 Dual Regulator


Avantco PAG19 Grease TrayAvantco PAG19 Grease Tray
Avantco PAG19 Grease Tray

Item #: 177PAG19


Avantco PAG24 Control ValveAvantco PAG24 Control Valve


Avantco PAG6 Pilot Orifice BracketAvantco PAG6 Pilot Orifice Bracket


Cooking Performance Group 390101 4 inch Leg for CPG Countertop Equipment - 4/Pack


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APW Wyott 8706320 Metal Control Knob for Manual Countertop GriddlesAPW Wyott 8706320 Metal Control Knob for Manual Countertop Griddles


1 - 2 3+
$19.49 $18.25

Valve Knob - 1 1/4 inchValve Knob - 1 1/4 inch
Valve Knob - 1 1/4"

Item #: 9681751012


Reg.Lots of 6Lots of 12
$2.49 $2.42$2.33

APW Wyott 8706315 2 3/4 inch Thermostatic Control KnobAPW Wyott 8706315 2 3/4 inch Thermostatic Control Knob


1 - 2 3+
$28.99 $26.77

All Points 42-1027 DPST Rocker Switch


Accutemp AT0A-2719-2 Module Harness


Accutemp AT0E-2559-3 S/S Thermostat


Accutemp AT0E-2559-6 Thermostat


Accutemp AT0E-2559-7 Electric Thermostat


Accutemp AT0E-2885-5 Rtd Thermocouple


Accutemp AT0E-3338-1 Contact
Accutemp AT0E-3338-1 Contact

Item #: HPAT0E33381


Accutemp AT0H-3545-1 Gasket
Accutemp AT0H-3545-1 Gasket

Item #: HPAT0H35451

$5.66/Linear Ft.

Accutemp AT2A-2255-2 Standby Burner


Accutemp AT2A-2916-1 High Limit Assembly


Accutemp AT2A-3541-1 Ignition Cable


Accutemp AT2B-2131-1 Main Burner 24 In


Accutemp AT2E-1806-2 Nat Gas Reg. Valve


Accutemp AT2E-1807-1 Module
Accutemp AT2E-1807-1 Module

Item #: HPAT2E18071


Accutemp AT2E-2087-1 Main Gas Valve


Accutemp AT2H-1365-1 Spring
Accutemp AT2H-1365-1 Spring

Item #: HPAT2H13651


Accutemp AT2H-1640-1 Extension Spring


Accutemp AT2L-2715-1 Overlay, Right Yellow


Accutemp AT2M-2861-1 Wire Assy
Accutemp AT2M-2861-1 Wire Assy

Item #: HPAT2M28611


All Points 24-1091 23 1/2 inch Burner Venturi


All Points 24-1201 6 5/8 inch Front Venturi


Our selection of griddle parts includes add-on shelves, grease trays, knobs, and thermostats, all of which are made of high-quality materials that will last for years. While some of these products are universal, please keep in mind that others are designed only for use in specific brands and models. Whether you’re making eggs, pancakes, or burgers, griddle parts and accessories are sure to keep your equipment running smoothly. For related products, check out our electric countertop griddles, induction griddles, and drop-in griddles. If you're wondering where to buy griddle parts and accessories, we have a large selection of griddle parts and accessories for sale at the lowest prices.