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Avantco P8BTMELM Replacement Bottom Heating Element - for P84, P85, and P88 Panini GrillsAvantco P8BTMELM Replacement Bottom Heating Element - for P84, P85, and P88 Panini Grills


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Avantco P7BTMFLT Flat Bottom Grill PlateAvantco P7BTMFLT Flat Bottom Grill Plate


Avantco P7BTMGRV Grooved Bottom Grill PlateAvantco P7BTMGRV Grooved Bottom Grill Plate


Avantco P7UPRFLT Flat Top Grill PlateAvantco P7UPRFLT Flat Top Grill Plate


Avantco P7UPRGRV Grooved Top Grill PlateAvantco P7UPRGRV Grooved Top Grill Plate


Avantco P8BTMFLT Flat Bottom Grill PlateAvantco P8BTMFLT Flat Bottom Grill Plate


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Avantco P8BTMGRV Grooved Bottom Grill PlateAvantco P8BTMGRV Grooved Bottom Grill Plate


Waring 29942 Thermostat for Panini Grills


Waring 030064 Bottom Smooth Grill Plate


Waring 030009 Large Handle
Waring 030009 Large Handle

Item #: 929030009


Waring 030073 Large Handle
Waring 030073 Large Handle

Item #: 929030073


Waring 29989 Large Handle for Panini Grills


Waring 030013 Thermostat for Panini Grills


Waring 033681 120V Electrical Cord


Waring 28626 Control Knob
Waring 28626 Control Knob

Item #: 929028626


Waring 030003 17 inch Red Wire Electrical LeadWaring 030003 17 inch Red Wire Electrical Lead


APW Wyott 21753008 Press Plate


APW Wyott 4881598 Element 208v I Line


APW Wyott 4882160 Blower Motor Assy Kit


APW Wyott 8705508 Knob; T'Stat


Baxter 01-1M1927-00001 Teflon Plate


Cadco KVT001 Flat Glass Top


Cadco KVT003 Glass Top, Ribbed


Cadco KVT1062A Outer Glass
Cadco KVT1062A Outer Glass

Item #: HPKVT1062A


Cadco KVT1072A0 Outer Glass
Cadco KVT1072A0 Outer Glass

Item #: HPKVT1072A0


Cadco VE025 Grill Switch
Cadco VE025 Grill Switch

Item #: HPVE025


Dito Dean 0D5226 Upper Cover Assembly


Dito Dean 0US375 Upper Element


Dito Dean 0US380 T-Stat
Dito Dean 0US380 T-Stat

Item #: HP20US380


Dito Dean 0US384 Rh Spring


Dito Dean 0US397 Micro Switch


DoughPro 110115530 Collar Set
DoughPro 110115530 Collar Set

Item #: HP110115530


DoughPro 110115531 Tubing Pad
DoughPro 110115531 Tubing Pad

Item #: HP110115531


DoughPro 1101217052 Thermostat
DoughPro 1101217052 Thermostat

Item #: HP1101217052


DoughPro 11017088865 Pivot Arm Pin


DoughPro 110379322055 Shimm, Platen


DoughPro 11041663 Tension Strap


DoughPro 11096905211 Temp Controller


DoughPro LCC3478 E-Clip
DoughPro LCC3478 E-Clip

Item #: HPLCC3478


DoughPro MPSC240 E-Clip
DoughPro MPSC240 E-Clip

Item #: HPMPSC240


DoughPro ODP1100 Controller Overlay


Electrolux 0C8485 Upper Plate


Electrolux 0C8486 Hot Plate


Electrolux 0C8515 Grip, Complete Assembly


Electrolux 0C9054 Wire Harness - 3/Set


Electrolux 0C9500 Dito Plate Teflon Wave


Electrolux 0C9695 Commutator 10 Position


Electrolux 0C9952 Control Board


Electrolux 0CA194 Hot Plate


Electrolux 0CA452 Dito Pt1000 Probe; Hspp


Electrolux 0D6780 Insulation Kit


Electrolux 0D6806 Spacer For Handle


Electrolux 0D6816 Spring Kit


Electrolux 0D6818 Shock Absorber Kit


Electrolux 0D6822 Bush
Electrolux 0D6822 Bush

Item #: HP0D6822


Electrolux 0D6824 Cache Choke


Electrolux 0D6825 Probe
Electrolux 0D6825 Probe

Item #: HP0D6825


Electrolux 0D6831 Magnetron


Electrolux 0D6834 Blower Fan 208v


All of these sandwich grill accessories are made of durable and high-quality materials, so they’ll last for years to come. Buying replacement items is also cheaper than purchasing new equipment, so you’ll save money in the long run. From switches and power cords to knobs and dials, you'll be able to stock up on everything you need without breaking the bank. For related products, check out our panini grills, tortilla grills, and grill presses. If you're wondering where to buy sandwich and panini grill parts and accessories, we have a large selection of sandwich and panini grill parts and accessories for sale at the lowest prices.