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Regency Tables & Sinks

Look no further than Regency tables and sinks for affordable, durable, and versatile kitchen solutions. Furnish your kitchen work areas without breaking your budget.

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Regency Space Solutions

Make the most of your floorplan by choosing Regency space solutions. Save precious square footage with these durable shelving units, racks, and more.

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Regency Plumbing & Hardware

Keep your business clean by using reliable Regency plumbing and hardware parts, whether you're installing hand sinks in a bathroom or replacing a 3 compartment sink in a kitchen.

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Regency Gas Hoses

Use Regency gas hoses and accessories to keep kitchen equipment functioning as normal. Gas hoses are necessary for gas stoves, grills, and other equipment that uses gas to operate.

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Regency Mobile Products

Transport products throughout your facility with ease by using Regency mobile products. They are made of highly durable materials to evenly distribute the weight of heavy loads.

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Design Your Kitchen Top-to-Bottom with Reliable Regency Equipment

From sheet pan racks to utility sinks, Regency has a solution for all of your plumbing and storage needs. Foodservice kitchens require durable work surfaces, sturdy shelving, and commercial sinks to operate, and Regency has created a wide catalog of affordable, reliable products to fulfill those necessities.

Regency makes it convenient to outfit your foodservice business with all the storage and plumbing equipment you need by bringing five brands together, Regency Tables & Sinks, Regency Space Solutions, Regency Plumbing and Hardware, Regency Mobile Products, and Regency Gas Hoses. If you’re planning the layout of a new kitchen or updating your existing fixtures, you’ll find that all Regency brands provide durable solutions that stand up to the abuse of a busy commercial environment. Choose from stainless steel work tables, three compartment sinks, shelving units, and equipment stands that will help you keep your kitchen organized and functional.