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Labor Day Weekend Hotel Essentials

Labor Day is the last major travel opportunity of the summer. Vacation deals and discounts are abundant, so you should make sure your hotel, motel, or resort is ready for the last of the summer tourists! Check out the products below, and consider restocking any low supplies so your guests can be comfortable and enjoy their stay.

Disposable Bathroom Supplies

Did you have a huge crowd of vacationers this summer? If so, you may be running low on necessary bathroom amenities. These products, including shampoo, soap, lotion, and hygiene items, will ensure your customers stay clean, comfortable, and feeling fresh. We even offer personal care kits, shower caps, mouthwash, and toothbrushes, so guests have everything the need. Since these items come in bulk quantities, you'll be able to stock up on plenty to accommodate the influx of visitors. The small bottle sizes will also help you control product waste!


If the earlier summer months have taken a toll on your bed linens or towels, replenish your stock with these products. We have towels in many thicknesses and sizes for poolside service, hotel bathrooms, and spa use as well as bath mats that prevent guests from slipping on wet floors. These items are perfect for you if some of your original towels were taken from your business or are showing signs of wear. If your bed sheets are looking faded, worn, or stained, freshen your bedrooms up with new sheets and duvet covers, too!

Food and Beverage

It's considerate for establishments to leave coffee makers, ice buckets, or small cooking appliances for guests to use during short or long stays. With these small coffee makers, your guests can make one or several cups of coffee to start their day. If you offer long-stay rooms, our blenders and toasters will help customers prepare some of their own meals, too. Since some of our commercial coffee makers are designed for high-volume purposes, they can also be used at your breakfast buffet. You can even use some of these appliances in your own kitchen or keep them on your breakfast buffet table. Our ice buckets are also great for tableside service in your hotel cafe or guest rooms.

With these products, you can replenish your stock and guarantee your guests receive all the comforts of home while they stay at your hotel. From shower essentials to bed sheets, we have all your bed and bath needs covered. Our kitchen appliances and ice buckets can even be used in your hotel buffet. Order them now, and have them ready to go for Labor Day!

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