Electric Fryers

Electric Fryers

Electric commercial deep fryers offer efficient heating and fast recovery between frying cycles. Choose from countertop or floor fryers.

Gas Fryers

Gas Fryers

Gas fryers heat up oil quickly, making food prep efficient. Different deep fryer capacities are available to meet low- to high-volume needs.

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Specialty Commercial Deep Fryers

Specialty Commercial Deep Fryers

Specialty deep fryers include funnel cake and donut fryers for making popular carnival foods. We also carry pressure fryers that fry foods faster.

Commercial Deep Fryer Parts & Accessories

Commercial Deep Fryer Parts & Accessories

Stock up on deep fryer parts and accessories to keep your unit operating smoothly. You’ll find everything from fryer baskets to heating elements.

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What is a commercial deep fryer?

A commercial deep fryer is a kitchen appliance designed to heat large quantities of cooking oil for deep frying large quantities of foods such as french fries, funnel cakes, and mozzarella sticks. While residential use of a deep fryer occurs periodically, these appliances are more commonly found in commercial settings.

How much does a commercial deep fryer cost?

While a commercial deep fryer may cost more than a residential fryer, they are designed to cook large quantities of food at one time, making them an efficient and cost-effective choice for your high-volume restaurant. We carry deep fryers in a wide range of prices, so you can find a deep fryer at a price that meets your needs.

How do you use a commercial deep fryer?

How you use your commercial deep fryer depends on the specific model you have and also what kind of foods you’re making. However, the basic method that is common among all types of deep fryers is to heat the oil to the desired temperature, lower your battered food into the basket that’s submerged in the hot oil, and then raise the basket once the batter reaches a golden brown color. It is suggested that you drain the oil off your food on a platter lined with paper towels before serving so that customers don’t receive excess grease on their plates.

How to clean a commercial deep fryer

Commercial deep fryers will need to be cleaned periodically in order to keep your fried foods tasting great. Sediment should be removed daily, and the oil should be completely drained as needed, depending on how frequently you use your fryer. Cooking oil needs to be cooled down before it can be drained. Once the oil has been emptied, you can clean out the inside of your fryer with soapy hot water. Use a dishrag to loosen any sediment that may have stuck to the corners. Finally, drain the soapy water, refill with fresh hot water, add ½ cup white vinegar, and drain again. Be sure to let your fryer dry completely before reintroducing cooking oil.

By having a commercial deep fryer in your foodservice establishment, you’ll be able to serve customers everything from french fries, wings, and mozzarella sticks to chicken and eggplant parmesan. Best of all, these fryers will ensure your foods come out crispy every time. You can also stock up on extra fryer baskets, spare casters, replacement heating elements, and other parts and accessories to keep your unit operating smoothly and efficiently. To maintain the quality of your oil, be sure to check out our fryer oil stabilizer and filter powder. You may also want to browse our selections of tongs and plastic food baskets for meal service.

If you're wondering where to buy commercial deep fryers, we have a large selection of commercial deep fryers for sale at the lowest prices.

Commercial Deep Fryers Deliver Crispy and Delicious Fried Foods for Restaurants & Concession Stands

Outfit your kitchen with the proper commercial deep fryer, so you can fry up delicious appetizers, entrees, and sides. Whether you own a large restaurant or sports bar, or you manage a food truck or concession stand, we have a deep fryer for you. Choose from fryers of different capacities, configurations, and sizes to find the best model for your kitchen’s available space.

Our selection of commercial deep fryers includes electric and gas models. Compared to their gas counterparts, electric fryers take longer to heat up oil, but once they’re up to temperature, they recover more quickly between frying cycles. Electric models also have heating elements inside the oil, which increases efficiency, and they’re also more portable since they’re not hooked up to a gas line. Gas fryers, on the other hand, offer faster heat up times and can typically reach higher oil temperatures.

Restaurant fryers are also available in either counter-top or floor models. If you operate a smaller kitchen space and have low- to medium-volume demands, then a compact counter-top unit is the perfect solution for you. Owners of larger restaurants and hotels that need to meet high-volume demands will benefit from a floor unit. You can also find split pot fryers and models with built-in filtration units in both gas and electric models.

We carry specialty fryers for cooking specific foods or meeting certain installation requirements, as well. If you’re frying up signature concession foods, then a funnel cake or donut fryer may be the most efficient option. If your establishment serves classic comfort food, find the perfect chicken fryer for your needs. For kitchens that don’t have enough space for a hood system, then a ventless fryer is a safe choice. Finally, you’ll find drop-in fryers that can be installed directly into your counter-tops.