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Keep Your Fryers Running Smoothly with a Cooking Oil Filtration System

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Keep Your Fryers Running Smoothly with a Cooking Oil Filtration System

Filtering and changing the oil in your kitchen’s fryer is an important part of maintaining an efficient restaurant. When you’re frying your delicious foods, pieces of food and breading can be left in the oil, and these particles need to be removed so your machine doesn’t get clogged. Manual and electric cooking oil filtration systems remove the oil, clean out the leftover particles, and replace the oil that can be reused.

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You can also purchase accessories to help with the cooking oil filtration process. Test strips tell you how much the shortening in your oil has broken down, so you know exactly when your used oil needs to be replaced. Filter cartridges and bags let the liquid oil run through while catching the solid pieces of food and debris. Be sure to pick up some fryer oil stabilizer, as well. It lets you fry foods at lower temperatures, which conserves energy and helps extend the life of your oil.

The proper cooking oil filtration system keeps your concession stand, kiosk, and other restaurant application running smoothly, and we carry all the replacement parts and accessories you could need. Whether you’re replacing a filter cartridge, adding some oil stabilizer, or need a whole new filtration machine, we’ve got you covered. For other fryer equipment, be sure to check out our ventless countertop fryers, electric floor fryers, and specialty fryers.