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Accommodate a Variety of Diets By Providing Gluten-Free Foods

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Accommodate a Variety of Diets By Providing Gluten-Free Foods

We can help you create a gluten free menu for your restaurant with our diverse selection of certified gluten free foods. By stocking wholesale gluten free products like baking ingredients, condiments, and grains, you can meet the growing demand for gluten free dishes. Your guests will appreciate the menu accommodations you’ve made for those practicing a gluten free diet.

Whether you operate a 100% gluten free restaurant or you want to add a gluten free section to your menu, we carry the ingredients and foods you need to get started. Choose from a wide selection of gluten free flours and baking ingredients for your bakery or cafe. Staples like gluten free grains, condiments, and flavorings will help you to build a variety of gluten free menu items.

Our wholesale gluten-free foods are certified to be free of gluten, the protein strands that occur naturally in grains like wheat and rye. To serve guests with a gluten intolerance, choose from our wide selection of gluten-free ingredients. We carry refrigerated, frozen, and shelf-stable foods that will help you build a satisfying gluten-free menu. Create a safe, allergen-friendly space in your kitchen with our allergen safe kitchen products, bulk food storage containers, and measuring cups and spoons.