Commercial Kitchen Hoods

Complete your hood system with a commercial kitchen hood that satisfies fire code requirements and removes grease-laden vapors in your kitchen.

Restaurant Hood Systems

Our restaurant hood systems include both the kitchen hood canopy to catch grease and an exhaust fan for ventilation.

Condensate Hoods

Condensate hoods are designed to remove steam and condensation produced by steam equipment.

Ventless Hood Systems

Ventless hood systems are self-contained and require no ductwork for traditional ventilation.

Food Truck Hoods

Food truck exhaust hoods are suitable for food trucks, concession trailers, and mobile kitchens.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Fans

Commercial kitchen hood fans pull air into the hood where it’s vented outside or trapped by filters.

Kitchen exhaust hoods help to make kitchen operations more comfortable by removing hot air, smoke, and food odors. They also prevent the build-up of grease to remove the potential for a fire hazard. Our hood filters collect grease and are removable for safe and easy cleanup. Once your kitchen is equipped with the required hood system, think about keeping your floors clean and safe with our commercial floor mats, wet floor signs, and wet mops

Commercial Exhaust Hoods are Essential to the Safe Operation of Any Commercial Kitchen

Some kitchen hood systems are designed to remove hot air, steam, and smoke, while other exhaust hoods use filters to remove grease and food particles. Restaurant ventilation regulations require that commercial kitchens use proper venting systems that are in line with local codes.

Kitchen exhaust hoods are made to remove combustion products and fumes caused by cooking equipment and then recirculate clean air back into the kitchen. Without the appropriate hood system above a commercial range or fryer, grease collects above the cooking equipment and becomes a fire hazard. Our collection of kitchen hood products includes condensate hoods that are designed to remove hot air and steam caused by dish machines, as well as ventless hood systems that can be used in small kitchens that cannot support a traditional hood system.