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Product Overview

  • Keeps food below 41 degrees Fahrenheit for a safe holding temperature
  • Ensures that cold foods are safely held in cold temperatures
  • Adds convenience and efficiency to your catering operation
  • Easy-to-use
  • Designed to fit Cambro food carriers
  • Great for catering businesses and cold holding applications
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Extend the cold holding time of your Cambro food carrier with this Cambro CP1220 full size Camchiller.

Holding food at a safe temperature can be a challenge as you work quickly to transport cold food from one catering event to the next. The Cambro Camchiller adds safety and efficiency to your day to day tasks. Versatile enough to use with your Cambro food pan carriers, CamKiosk, and CamCruiser carts, this Camchiller is a must-have addition to your catering, healthcare, or K-12 food service operation!

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

  • Freezer Safe

    Freezer Safe

    This item can withstand low temperature applications and is safe for freezer storage.

Cold Blue Color

This Camchiller features a cold blue color and will help keep food at a holding temperature below 41 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum food safety.

Extended Holding time

This Camchiller helps keep food cold inside of your insulated carrier to extend the cold holding time beyond the typical 4 hours.


Simply freeze the Camchiller flat for at least 8 hours. Then, slide it into your unit and load pans of pre-chilled food below, and you're all set! With the same great quality you've come to expect from Cambro, this Camchiller is designed to add efficiency to your establishment while providing safe food holding options!

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Length:20 13/16 Inches
  • Width:12 7/8 Inches
  • Height:1 1/2 Inches

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Cambro UPC800TR158
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4.8 stars from 13 reviews


11 reviews rated this 5 out of 5 stars.

2 reviews rated this 4 out of 5 stars.

0 reviews rated this 3 out of 5 stars.

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Customer Reviews


We purchased 2 just for a special purpose. Then the chef's started fight over them because they were so handy, so we got 4 more. I think that is a great review. We've been using them for about 6 months with no cracks or problems.

James B. from Preferred Sonoma Caterers on 09/01/2018

These work great in our insulated bags. We also use them as "lids" for hotel pans on really hot days when serving outdoors. They keep the food cold for at least the two hours we have them out - haven't tried them for longer. Would definitely buy again!

Crook C. from Crook County School District on 08/02/2018

Another excellent product from Cambro. Use it with their insulated food carrier for desserts at Farmer's Market. All products stayed within safe temperature (41F and below) for 6 hours. Would use this product again!

Likling K. from 43 & Company on 06/08/2018

These Camchillers are a necessary item for our meal service. Since we serve breakfast in the classroom, these help us to keep our cold items at the right temp on the journey from cafeteria to classroom. Great product.

Sarah K. from Mt. Vernon School District 80 on 09/29/2016

We have had these ice packs for 4 or 5 months now. They work great. They keep food cold for about 7 hours, longer if you don't open the cambro. It works best if you chill everything prior to putting it in the cambro.

Erica D. from Erica Davis Catering on 08/29/2016

great Quality. We use these everyday to keep our foods cold while doing deliveries and we have never had any issues with them. They do not leak like some others.

Kimberly G. from Evergreen Vending on 06/20/2016

This works great for turning your hot boxes into cold ones. I have also used it with a cooler for items that just need to be kept safe for short periods. Very versatile product.

Leah W. on 05/14/2016

These are a lifesaver. Along with a Cambro food carrier these camchillers will keep food cold for hours and hours, even in the summer in Tucson heat. Some of the food actually FROZE! They tend to be heavy especially when several are used, so plan accordingly. Great investment.

Toni L. from Sparky's Cantina on 03/10/2016

The cambro camchiller is a great buy! It keeps our food cold for hours. It is easy to clean leaving no water behind. I highly recommend this product!

Stephanie W. from Castle Catering on 06/17/2015

This is the perfect way to keep our dough balls chilled until ready to proof. The temperature is maintained for at least 4+ hrs. Very consistent and predictable.

Eileen B. from Around The Fire on 11/09/2014

This Cambro full size Camchiller food pan carrier was very durable and stay cold. I used it a full size chafer dish to keep the banana pudding cold. It made the pudding stand out and keep the banana pudding cold while sitting on it. Great product and if needed will buy again.

Charlene H. from T & C Catering Services on 07/18/2014

Cambro CP1220 Full Size Camchiller for Cambro Food Pan Carriers, CamKiosk, and CamCruiser Carts. we love this stays cold for hours. the best money can buy....

Rich D. from Desalvo's on 06/04/2014

convenient for when you want to turn your cambro box into a small cooler to carry food to your catering location. Keeps the food cool for at least a couple of hours without ice, water all over the place or a nuisance.

Mark K. on 07/14/2008

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