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Carnival King CCM28TL Hi-Limit Thermostat


PCCMFUSE Replacement Fuse - 15A, 250V


Carnival King PCCMAXLE Wheel Axle


Carnival King CCM28FUSE Fuse - 250V, 15A


Carnival King PCCMCBAR Cross Bar Assembly


Carnival King PCCMFHOLD Fuse Holder


Carnival King PCCMLEGS Leg Assembly


Carnival King PCCMLSHLF Left Shelf


Carnival King PCCMMOTOR Motor
Carnival King PCCMMOTOR Motor

Item #: 382PCCMMOTOR


Carnival King PCCMWHEEL 13 inch Wheel


Gold Medal 20010 Float
Gold Medal 20010 Float

Item #: HP20010


Gold Medal 3010 Stabilizer


Gold Medal 42040 Floss Pan


Gold Medal 42214 Band 7 inch
Gold Medal 42214 Band 7"

Item #: HP42214


Gold Medal 42279 Ribbon
Gold Medal 42279 Ribbon

Item #: HP42279


Gold Medal 42283PE Spinner Head Complete


Gold Medal 42320 Brush Assy


Gold Medal 42382W Brush Holder Assy Red


Gold Medal 42436W Bulb Holder (Wide)


Gold Medal 42437 Upper Spinner Head


Gold Medal 42524 Spring
Gold Medal 42524 Spring

Item #: HP42524


Gold Medal 42556 Knob
Gold Medal 42556 Knob

Item #: HP42556


Gold Medal 43004 Floss Ribbon


Gold Medal 43026 Spinnerhead Complete Assy


Gold Medal 48669 Motor Assy


Gold Medal 48784 120v Element


Gold Medal 48786 Rocker Switch Cover


Gold Medal 55007 Carbon Brush


Gold Medal 55155 Triac
Gold Medal 55155 Triac

Item #: HP55155


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