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  • Direct replacement for original part
  • For select beverage service carts, Camcarriers®, Camcarts®, Ultra Camcarts®, Camcruisers®, CamKiosk® carts, Camtainers®, Ultra Camtainers®, Camtherm®, Combo Carts®, and Ultra Pan Carriers®
UPC Code:099511800315

Cambro 14200 Specs

Shipping Weight
0.2 lb.

Cambro 14200 Details

This Cambro 14200 vent cover is a direct replacement for the one that came standard on select beverage service carts, Camcarriers®, Camcarts®, Ultra Camcarts®, Camcruisers®, CamKiosk® carts, Camtainers®, Ultra Camtainers®, Camtherm®, Combo Carts®, and Ultra Pan Carriers®. The vent cap allows you to release excess heat from your equipment's interior if the contents are getting too hot, and it locks in temperatures when you need things to remain piping hot. If the vent cap is broken it's important to replace it promptly, as this problem could lead to too much heat leaking out from inside the unit.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 3 1/2"
Depth: 1 1/8"
Height: 1/4"

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Cambro 14200

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Compatible Models 

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Cambro 1826DBCSP131
Cambro 1826DBCSP157
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Cambro 1826DTC157
Cambro 1826DTC401
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Cambro 1826DTCSP157
Cambro 1826DTCSP401
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Cambro 1826LBC157
Cambro 1826LBC186
Cambro 1826LBC401
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Cambro 1826LBCSP401
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Cambro 1826LTC157
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Cambro 214H2LCDFBK
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Cambro 214H2LCDRBK
Cambro 214H2LCDRBR
Cambro 214H5LCDFBK
Cambro 214H5LCDFBR
Cambro 214H5LCDRBK
Cambro 214H5LCDRBR
Cambro 214HR2LCDFBK
Cambro 214HR2LCDFBR
Cambro 214HR2LCDRBK
Cambro 214HR2LCDRBR
Cambro 214HR5LCDFBK
Cambro 214HR5LCDFBR
Cambro 214HR5LCDRBK
Cambro 214HR5LCDRBR
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Cambro 240MPC131
Cambro 240MPC157
Cambro 240MPC158
Cambro 240MPC186
Cambro 240MPC401
Cambro 240MPC402
Cambro 240MPC519
Cambro 250LCD110
Cambro 250LCD131
Cambro 250LCD157
Cambro 250LCD158
Cambro 250LCD186
Cambro 250LCD401
Cambro 250LCD402
Cambro 250LCD519
Cambro 250LCDPL110
Cambro 250LCDPL131
Cambro 250LCDPL157
Cambro 250LCDPL158
Cambro 250LCDPL186
Cambro 250LCDPL401
Cambro 250LCDPL402
Cambro 250LCDPL519
Cambro 350LCD110
Cambro 350LCD131
Cambro 350LCD157
Cambro 350LCD158
Cambro 350LCD186
Cambro 350LCD401
Cambro 350LCD402
Cambro 350LCD519
Cambro 500LCD110
Cambro 500LCD131
Cambro 500LCD157
Cambro 500LCD158
Cambro 500LCD186
Cambro 500LCD401
Cambro 500LCD402
Cambro 500LCD519
Cambro 500LCDPL110
Cambro 500LCDPL131
Cambro 500LCDPL157
Cambro 500LCDPL158
Cambro 500LCDPL186
Cambro 500LCDPL401
Cambro 500LCDPL402
Cambro 500LCDPL519
Cambro CMBH1826LC191
Cambro CMBH1826LC192
Cambro CMBH1826LC194
Cambro CMBH1826LF191
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Cambro CMBH1826LF194
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Cambro CMBH1826TBC191
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Cambro CMBH1826TBC194
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Cambro CMBH1826TSF192
Cambro CMBH1826TSF194
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Cambro CMBH1826TSP194
Cambro CMBHC1826LC191
Cambro CMBHC1826LC192
Cambro CMBHC1826LC194
Cambro CMBHC1826LF191
Cambro CMBHC1826LF192
Cambro CMBHC1826LF194
Cambro CMBHC1826LSP191
Cambro CMBHC1826LSP192
Cambro CMBHC1826LSP194
Cambro CMBHC1826TBC191
Cambro CMBHC1826TBC192
Cambro CMBHC1826TBC194
Cambro CMBHC1826TBF191
Cambro CMBHC1826TBF192
Cambro CMBHC1826TBF194
Cambro CMBHC1826TSC191
Cambro CMBHC1826TSC192
Cambro CMBHC1826TSC194
Cambro CMBHC1826TSF191
Cambro CMBHC1826TSF192
Cambro CMBHC1826TSF194
Cambro CVC72110
Cambro CVC72158
Cambro CVC72191
Cambro CVC72192
Cambro CVC724110
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Cambro CVC724192
Cambro CVC724519
Cambro CVC72519
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Cambro KSC402186
Cambro KSC402191
Cambro KSC402192
Cambro KSC402426
Cambro KSC402519
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Cambro KVC854186
Cambro KVC854191
Cambro KVC854192
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Cambro KVC854C186
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Cambro KVC854C192
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Cambro UC1000PL186
Cambro UC1000PL191
Cambro UC1000PL192
Cambro UC1000PL401
Cambro UC1000PL402
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Cambro UC250131
Cambro UC250157
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Cambro UC250191
Cambro UC250192
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Cambro UC250401
Cambro UC250402
Cambro UC250519
Cambro UC250PL110
Cambro UC250PL131
Cambro UC250PL186
Cambro UC250PL191
Cambro UC250PL192
Cambro UC250PL194
Cambro UC250PL401
Cambro UC250PL402
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Cambro UC500157
Cambro UC500186
Cambro UC500191
Cambro UC500192
Cambro UC500194
Cambro UC500401
Cambro UC500402
Cambro UC500519
Cambro UC500PL110
Cambro UC500PL131
Cambro UC500PL157
Cambro UC500PL158
Cambro UC500PL159
Cambro UC500PL186
Cambro UC500PL191
Cambro UC500PL192
Cambro UC500PL194
Cambro UC500PL401
Cambro UC500PL402
Cambro UC500PL519
Cambro UPC100110
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Cambro UPC100157
Cambro UPC100191
Cambro UPC100192
Cambro UPC100194
Cambro UPC100401
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Cambro UPC1200131
Cambro UPC1200157
Cambro UPC1200158
Cambro UPC1200186
Cambro UPC1200191
Cambro UPC1200192
Cambro UPC1200194
Cambro UPC1200401
Cambro UPC1200402
Cambro UPC1200519
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Cambro UPC140131
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Cambro UPC140192
Cambro UPC140401
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Cambro UPC1600131
Cambro UPC1600157
Cambro UPC1600158
Cambro UPC1600186
Cambro UPC1600191
Cambro UPC1600192
Cambro UPC1600194
Cambro UPC1600401
Cambro UPC1600402
Cambro UPC1600519
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Cambro UPC1600HD131
Cambro UPC1600HD157
Cambro UPC1600HD158
Cambro UPC1600HD186
Cambro UPC1600HD191
Cambro UPC1600HD192
Cambro UPC1600HD194
Cambro UPC1600HD401
Cambro UPC1600HD402
Cambro UPC1600HD519
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Cambro UPC1600TR131
Cambro UPC1600TR157
Cambro UPC1600TR158
Cambro UPC1600TR186
Cambro UPC1600TR191
Cambro UPC1600TR192
Cambro UPC1600TR194
Cambro UPC1600TR401
Cambro UPC1600TR402
Cambro UPC1600TR519
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Cambro UPC160131
Cambro UPC160191
Cambro UPC160192
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Cambro UPC180131
Cambro UPC180191
Cambro UPC180192
Cambro UPC180401
Cambro UPC400SP110
Cambro UPC400SP131
Cambro UPC400SP157
Cambro UPC400SP159
Cambro UPC400SP186
Cambro UPC400SP191
Cambro UPC400SP192
Cambro UPC400SP194
Cambro UPC400SP401
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Cambro UPC600157
Cambro UPC600158
Cambro UPC600186
Cambro UPC600191
Cambro UPC600192
Cambro UPC600194
Cambro UPC600401
Cambro UPC600402
Cambro UPC600519
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Cambro UPC800157
Cambro UPC800158
Cambro UPC800186
Cambro UPC800191
Cambro UPC800192
Cambro UPC800194
Cambro UPC800401
Cambro UPC800402
Cambro UPC800519
Cambro UPC800TR110
Cambro UPC800TR131
Cambro UPC800TR157
Cambro UPC800TR158
Cambro UPC800TR186
Cambro UPC800TR191
Cambro UPC800TR192
Cambro UPC800TR194
Cambro UPC800TR401
Cambro UPC800TR402
Cambro UPC800TR519
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Cambro UPCH1600131
Cambro UPCH1600191
Cambro UPCH1600192
Cambro UPCH16002110
Cambro UPCH16002131
Cambro UPCH16002191
Cambro UPCH16002192
Cambro UPCH16002401
Cambro UPCH16002HD110
Cambro UPCH16002HD131
Cambro UPCH16002HD191
Cambro UPCH16002HD192
Cambro UPCH16002HD401
Cambro UPCH16002SP110
Cambro UPCH16002SP131
Cambro UPCH16002SP191
Cambro UPCH16002SP192
Cambro UPCH16002SP401
Cambro UPCH1600401
Cambro UPCH1600HD110
Cambro UPCH1600HD131
Cambro UPCH1600HD191
Cambro UPCH1600HD192
Cambro UPCH1600HD401
Cambro UPCH1600SP110
Cambro UPCH1600SP131
Cambro UPCH1600SP191
Cambro UPCH1600SP192
Cambro UPCH1600SP401
Cambro UPCH800110
Cambro UPCH800131
Cambro UPCH800191
Cambro UPCH800192
Cambro UPCH8002110
Cambro UPCH8002131
Cambro UPCH8002157
Cambro UPCH8002191
Cambro UPCH8002192
Cambro UPCH8002401
Cambro UPCH800401
Cambro UPCHT1600110
Cambro UPCHT1600131
Cambro UPCHT1600191
Cambro UPCHT1600192
Cambro UPCHT16002110
Cambro UPCHT16002131
Cambro UPCHT16002191
Cambro UPCHT16002192
Cambro UPCHT16002401
Cambro UPCHT16002HD110
Cambro UPCHT16002HD131
Cambro UPCHT16002HD191
Cambro UPCHT16002HD192
Cambro UPCHT16002HD401
Cambro UPCHT1600401
Cambro UPCHT1600HD110
Cambro UPCHT1600HD131
Cambro UPCHT1600HD191
Cambro UPCHT1600HD192
Cambro UPCHT1600HD401
Cambro UPCHT800110
Cambro UPCHT800131
Cambro UPCHT800191
Cambro UPCHT800192
Cambro UPCHT8002110
Cambro UPCHT8002131
Cambro UPCHT8002191
Cambro UPCHT8002192
Cambro UPCHT8002401
Cambro UPCHT800401
Cambro UPCS160110
Cambro UPCS160131
Cambro UPCS160157
Cambro UPCS160480

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