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  • All-in-one kit to meet all your outdoor steaming and frying needs
  • Large 30 qt. pot perfect for frying turkeys up to 20 lb. or preparing a seafood boil
  • 10 qt. pot with handle and steaming / frying basket
  • Sturdy steel base with a powerful 55,000 BTU burner
  • Includes 3-piece skewer set, perforated poultry rack, 12” probe thermometer, and 1 oz. injector
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Fry up a turkey, steam seafood, and more with the Backyard Pro 30 qt. deluxe fryer / steamer kit!

This Backyard Pro 30 qt. deluxe fryer / steamer kit includes all the parts and accessories you need to make a moist, delicious, deep fried turkey up to 20 lb. or steam up a collection of shrimp and clams! Ideal for outdoor cooking, this set is perfect for barbecues, fairs, and clam bakes!

  • Portable LP Tank Connection

    Portable LP Tank Connection

    This unit uses a hose assembly that connects directly to a standard portable propane tank.

Durable. Powerful. Versatile.

A stable, powder coated rolled steel stand houses the 55,000 BTU cast iron burner, which is controlled by a 5 PSI adjustable liquid propane regulator. Whether you're frying up a fresh turkey or steaming a basket of clams, this combination fryer / steamer kit gives you all the supplies you'll need to keep customers coming back for more!

Benefits of Frying

Believe it or not, deep frying a turkey is the best way to seal in all of the natural juices without making the bird greasy or fatty. You'll be able to bring out flavors in your poultry that you just can't get with traditional cooking methods. If you've never had a fried turkey on Thanksgiving, it's definitely worth a try!

Aluminum Construction

Made of durable, 18 gauge aluminum, this stock pot conducts heat very quickly to help increase your productivity.

Perforated Poultry Rack

The included poultry rack holds your bird in place to ensure even oil distribution for a perfectly fried finish.


Three metal skewers are included with hand screws to secure them to the poultry rack.

Precise Temperatures

An included 12" long probe thermometer measures from 100-750 degrees Fahrenheit to help you achieve the desired oil temperature. It comes with a clip so you can secure it to the side of the pot.

Adding Flavor

A 1 oz. marinade injector allows you to impart your signature flavors. Simply mix up your marinade, draw it into the injector, and distribute evenly throughout the turkey.

Steaming Versatility

This kit comes with steamer supplies so you can perfectly steam your most popular seafood dishes, including fish, clams, lobster, and more! This added versatility expands your menu far beyond fried foods and allows you to cater to a wider customer base.

10 Qt. Steaming / Frying Basket

The 10 qt. steaming / frying basket fits inside the included accessory pot and it's great for steaming vegetables.

30 Qt. Steamer Basket

The 30 qt. steamer basket is made to fit inside the large stock pot. It's perfect for steaming crabs and other seafood.

Fryer Safety

Working with hot oil always adds risk to your standard cooking tasks, but the included lift hook makes removing your freshly fried turkey as safe as possible. The bottom of the poultry rack is also perforated, allowing oil to drain before you transfer the turkey. Remember to always wear your protective gear when using a fryer. Avoid bare skin exposure and exercise caution at all times.

Customer Q&A Ask a Question

My business is at a high elevation; does this change anything when I order gas cooking equipment?
Many gas equipment manufacturers need to make adjustments to the equipment so it operates correctly at elevations over 2,000 feet. Sometimes we can special order from the manufacturer and have your cooking equipment delivered ready-to-go, but in cases where your unit is in stock and waiting to ship, you’ll need to have a qualified service technician come to your location and alter your unit at the time of installation so that it is compatible with a higher elevation. Contact our Special Orders team prior to placing your order, and we will let you know what will work best for the equipment you are planning to purchase.
How do I use the steamer basket included with this turkey fryer kit?
To use your 30 qt. steamer basket, simply fill your large stockpot with 1-2 inches of water and place your basket inside. If needed, the poultry rack can sit inside your basket to lift crabs, lobster, or clams out of the water. Place the lid on the pot and bring to a boil. The steam will rise and cook your seafood. Steaming times will vary.
What regulators are available for use with this product?
This model comes standard with a 5 PSI regulator. If you need a replacement regulator or if you would like a 10 PSI regulator to increase burner performance, those items can be found by clicking the "Looking for Replacements" banner on this product page.
Why would the paint on my burner/range come off after the first use?
This is normal for painted outdoor ranges, During initial start-up and first use, you may experience some burn-in of the range that includes unpleasant fumes and discoloration of the burner. This process is typical, and after 10-15 minutes the unit will be ready for use.

How To Deep Fry A Turkey

Safely deep fry your holiday bird with these easy-to-follow and steps, and be sure to check out our step-by-step directions for more tips on How to Deep Fry a Turkey.

Frying a turkey is a fast, fun, and tasty way to make your Thanksgiving bird! It can also be potentially dangerous. In this video, we'll show you how to fry your turkey safely. There's two questions when it comes to oil when you're frying a turkey, and that's what kind and how much. As far as what kind, I recommend peanut oil. Peanut oil has a high smug point, so it's going to last longer. It's also not going to give your turkey any off flavors. As far as how much oil to use, the nice thing about this turkey fryer pot is it does have a max fill line. The most important thing is to know you need enough oil to cover your turkey, but not so much that it spills over and creates a fire. One way to be extra sure you've got the right amount of oil is to take your turkey before you cook it and place it in the fryer pot. Fill it with water until it covers the turkey, take the turkey out, and take note of where that water comes up to. That's how much oil that you need. With the particular turkey that I have today, I know I'm going to fill it to the max fill line. Once you've filled your pot with oil, you'll want to put it on your burner. Make sure you already have your burner set up according to the manufacturer's directions. I typically have the flame very low at this point when I put this on the burner, and then turn it up. You can adjust the air intake to get as blue of a flame as possible. On a windy day like today, it's not uncommon to have some yellow flame. Now, I'm going to go ahead and take my oil thermometer and place it on the side of the pot. Make sure the tip is covered in oil and also not touching the side of the pot. We're going to want that oil to get up between 325 and 350 degrees. One of the most important things when you're frying a turkey is to make sure you're frying a completely thawed bird. Make sure your turkey is completely unfrozen or your could have an oil boil-over. That's the last thing you want because that'll start a fire. The other thing you want to do is make sure that your turkey is completely dry. Again, oil and water don't mix, they tend to bubble up, and they can cause a boil-over. Next thing I'll do is cut off any excess fat that's on this turkey. You'll also want to make sure there's a hole in the top here where the neck was to make sure you can get your lifter through it. The next thing I'll do is cut a slit in front of each leg and that'll allow any excess oil to drip out when I pull the turkey out of the oil. The next thing you'll want to do is season your bird. I'm using salt and pepper and Regal Spice's Cajun spice and skillet seasoning. In addition, I'm going to use cajun Injector creole butter recipe as the marinade. When you're injecting your turkey, you just want to hit it in several places in the thick parts of the meat. Now, we're going to put it on the lifter and then wait for our oil to get up to temperature. Just like so, you can see how that will work. As you can see, I'm wearing heavy-duty fryer gloves. Safety equipment is very important. You'll see why when I start dropping the bird into this fryer oil. In addition, a fire extinguisher is always a good idea. I'm going to take the thermometer out while I load the turkey into the fryer. When I'm done, I'll replace the thermometer. Now, when you're putting the turkey into the fryer, the slower you go, the better. This will help prevent a boil-over. It should take a full minute for you to dunk this turkey into the fryer. I generally let the turkey fry for about three and a half to four minutes per pound. Next, I'm going to go ahead an put that thermometer back in there so I can keep an eye on the oil temperature. Okay, I've fried this turkey for about three and a half minutes a pound. I'm going to go ahead and take it out. First thing is I'm going to take out the thermometer so I don't knock it out and I'm going to gently lift this out of the fryer. Remember, you have that cavity that's going to hold a lot of oil and you'll want that to seep out before you bring it out over the flame. Oh, look at that crispy skin! Now we just want to check the temperature of the turkey. We want it to be at least 165 degrees. There we go!

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Compare to Other Products

  • 30 qt. aluminum pot: 1
  • 30 qt. steamer basket: 1
  • Perforated poultry rack: 1
  • 10 qt. accessory pot: 1
  • 10 qt. steamer basket: 1
  • 55,000 BTU cast iron burner: 1
  • 5 PSI adjustable regulator: 1
Also Included:
  • Metal Skewer: 3
  • 12" probe thermometer: 1
  • 1 oz. marinade injector: 1
  • Lifting rack: 1
  • Rubber hose: 1
  • Aluminum lid: 1
Pot Dimensions:
  • Diameter: 12 1/2 Inches
  • Height: 15 1/2 Inches
Stand Dimensions:
  • Width: 16 Inches
  • Depth: 16 Inches

Overall User Rating: Backyard Pro BP30-ALKIT 30 Qt. Deluxe Aluminum Turkey Fryer Kit / Steamer Kit - 55,000 BTU

4.6 stars from 42 reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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Customer Reviews

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1 out of 1 found this review helpful

I received this and one potwas dented and it was replaced very quickly which was great customer service. I used it several times for a shrimp boil and had great success. The burner works very well.

1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Fast easy setup. Excellent heat output and can be easily adjusted to lower temperature if needed. Requires very little majntenance after each thorough inspection. Easy to clean.

from naanish on
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

I got this for my husband for our anniversary. We used our steamer kit while camping and had a crawfish boil. It was great. Easy to use and big enough to fit a large amount of food to feed multiple people. It has everything you need to fix a variety of foods. We love our new Fryer/Steamer!

1 out of 1 found this review helpful

This 30 quart deluxe aluminum turkey fryer kit is my favorite! I use this for frying big meat like whole fresh ham! Very versatile and easy to use! Highly recommended!

from Sugary and Savory on
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Well this is the first time we cooked our thanksgiving turkey in a deep fryer .Loved the deep fryer one piece of advice do not use as much oil .we filled it to the line to much but other wise turkey was amazing and product was worth the short money


I ordered this Backyard Pro BP30-ALKIT 30 Qt. Deluxe Aluminum Turkey Fryer Kit/Steamer Kit on a Thursday and it arrived on Saturday. When I opened the package I found a dent in the 30 qt aluminum pot and contacted Customer Service about it. In two days I received a replacement 30 Qt pot in the mail and it is in perfect condition. I put the Kit to the test and fried up a 18 pound turkey and it came out PERFECT! I will be ordering from again and again…..


I like the fact that this bundle included steamer accessories. I've used the smaller outdoor fryer pots before but never to steam. Was a breeze to use and clean up.


I really love this fryer, it made my life so much easier and saved me a lot of time when frying turkey instead of baking it. I take it on my camping trips as well.there's nothing like fresh hot fish and a cold beer. I think I use this more than my stove during the summer months. Great buy.


Thank you ... Very Fast delivery . I was worried it was gone show up in time but it that you ... very happy customer can’t wait to do more business with y’all


Easy to put together and use. We use it for frying turkey and it works wonderfully. Not sure if it's good for commercial use as we only use it for personal use.


Fried up a great big turkey for our family. Was able to use all the accessories that come with. No splatters and never burned myself. Turkey came out absolutely perfect


Very nice had to put something around the outside of burner to keep wind from blowing out the flame there was a small dent in kettle when it arrived.


Just received this today and I was super excited to get it! The burner assembly was super easy, but it's not clear what to do with the skewers or the fish fryer basket, I can't figure out where the handle screws on to and the directions don't specify. I'm am sure it will work wonderfully for our Turkey this year! I just am giving it 4 stars because of the half missing assembly instructions. Can't wait to use it.


Bought this for a crab boil event for 15 people. Was easy to set up and use. The pot was not as heavy duty as I'd like, but for the price and the event it was fine. I did upgrade to a heavier pot to use in the future. I don't think you can go wrong with this set.

from Clear My Head Ltd on

Great product all around, I've been using this product over a year now and haven't had any issues with it all since I first purchased it.


We really felt like we won with this buy. So many tools and so much included in this package. The 30qt pot is perfect for the stocks we make. multiple pots and the turkey fryer kit included. great deal overall for the price.

from Gumbo Boys on

This product is amazing and has everything you could want in a turkey fryer. I am eager to use it and Would definitely recommend it to others!


This is a must have for frying a 16-18 lb turkey. The pot is spacious enough to leave room on all sides. We also used the accesories to fry potatoes, onion rings and chicken wings. The base was very stable even on the rocks outside.


Bang for buck is high - because it is inexpensive. But you must note this is thin aluminum. it will not last like SS and drop or bang them on anything and they bend and warp. You pay for what you get but if you are using infrequently this is a good buy. Mine bent on first use - pot and lid

from M&S Inc on

amazing equipment, perfect for cooking turkeys, can be used in many other things, easy to use and also clean, great product at a great price

from home use on

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