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  • Includes extension legs which allow height to be adjusted from 12" to 25" high
  • (2) 13" x 13" cooking surfaces
  • 110,000 total BTU (55,000 per burner)
  • Welded steel frame with wind guards surround each burner
  • Includes regulator and hose; liquid propane only
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Add versatility to your outdoor cooking with this Backyard Pro Double Burner Outdoor Patio Stove / Range!

Great for outdoor cooking, this double burner patio stove / range is the perfect addition to backyard barbecues and picnics. Each liquid propane burner provides powerful cooking power for a variety of applications, such as frying a turkey or steaming corn-on-the-cob, so you can prepare all of your summer favorites with confidence and ease!

  • Portable LP Tank Connection

    Portable LP Tank Connection

    This unit uses a hose assembly that connects directly to a standard portable propane tank.

Powerful Double Burners

With two generous 13" x 13" cooking surfaces, and 55,000 BTU and a 50 lb. weight capacity provided by each burner, you can efficiently heat water for steaming, bring oil to the perfect frying temperature, and cook your favorite stews and sauces.

Two Side Shelves

Convenient shelves on each side provide a holding area for tongs and other lightweight prep tools while you're cooking.

High Performance Heat

A 10 PSI liquid propane regulator with a 36" hose provides controlled heat to cook food quickly and evenly. This ensures that you can prepare food consistently every time, to match your exact specifications.

Independent Brass Control Valves

Each burner comes with its own independent brass control valve so you can fry a turkey on one burner and steam vegetables on the other. You'll save time and space as you cook 2 very different foods simultaneously.

Durable, Welded Steel Frame

Built to last, this stove / range features a durable, one-piece welded steel frame. Each welded section contributes to the overall stability of your frame for a reliable and secure cooking range. You can also adjust the frame's height from 12" to 25" with the included extension legs to accommodate your needs.

Customer Q&AAsk a Question

My business is at a high elevation; does this change anything when I order gas cooking equipment?
Many gas equipment manufacturers need to make adjustments to the equipment so it operates correctly at elevations over 2,000 feet. Sometimes we can special order from the manufacturer and have your cooking equipment delivered ready-to-go, but in cases where your unit is in stock and waiting to ship, you’ll need to have a qualified service technician come to your location and alter your unit at the time of installation so that it is compatible with a higher elevation. Contact our Special Orders team prior to placing your order, and we will let you know what will work best for the equipment you are planning to purchase.
Why would the paint on my burner/range come off after the first use?
This is normal for painted outdoor ranges. During initial start-up and first use, you may experience some burn-in of the range that includes unpleasant fumes and discoloration of the burner. This process is typical, and after 10-15 minutes the unit will be ready for use.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Width:51 1/2 Inches
  • Depth:28 3/4 Inches
  • Height:12 - 25 Inches
Cooking Surface Dimensions:
  • Width:13 Inches
  • Depth:13 Inches

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Backyard Pro 554BP2D12

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4.4 stars from 32 reviews


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great burner easy burners cooking outdoor stove cook legs nice

Customer Reviews

2 out of 2 found this review helpful

This is one of the worst burners I have ever used. It is good if you only cook on high but if you need to regular the temp at all it is not a good one. There is no low on this burner. When you turn it down you get yellow flame destroying your cooking pots. When you adjust the airflow knob it does absolutely nothing. A total waist of money for me and I can not use it.

Aaron L. on 03/14/2020

Thank you for your review, Aaron! We are sorry this Backyard Pro Double Burner Outdoor Patio Stove / Outdoor Range with Side Shelves - 110,000 BTU has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions
2 out of 3 found this review helpful

Its nice and roomy for big pots. It's sturdy when legs are not on it, but not so much when the legs are on it. Its wobbly. The side shelfs are nice, but not steady.

Gaolee V. on 05/28/2016
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

this is a little lower then I expected so make sure you check he height measurements. it works good and will get the job done. but its really low.

Joy N. from LANIERS CATERING on 04/17/2021
1 out of 2 found this review helpful

I absolutely love this thing. Crazy high powered though. The first time I used it the powder coating itself actually caught on fire and burned off. I recommend breaking it in when you don't have an audience. The only reason jt gets 4 stars is becaase the detachable legs are absolutely useless. They're rickety and too short and incredibly difficult to remove so I just threw them away and sit the burners on top of a table. It did also arrive a bit dented/misshapen but it was easy enough to bend it back into place.

Anna K. from Tom Cat's on 11/16/2020

Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry about the issues you have had with this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

The backyard pro double burner is exactly the addition that we needed for our outside events. We look at many different options, however, we're glad we chose this.

Berlin B. from Green Tree Cuisine, LLC on 08/13/2019
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

I dye yarn for a living and my new house wasn't going to accommodate for my setup, so I had to revamp. I bought this as a last ditch effort to keep dyeing and I'm SO glad I did!!! It sustains my business and makes awesome stir fry (in a wok). I think I'm going to get another actually.

Anne L. on 09/14/2017
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

This is going to be a great item to have at the upcoming catering events we have planned. I cannot wait to see this in action, and if it works great I will be getting another one.

Josefina A. from Tasty Creations Catering on 04/26/2016

It’s the perfect item for any outdoor cookout. It was easy to put together and easy to handle. I think this was the best thing I have ordered for my family cookout.

Alishia M. from MO'delicious EATZ AND CATERING on 08/14/2021

It's been a while since I have been using the product. Great for outdoor. Wouldn't recommend it for indoor for safety concern. Overall, it's a good product.

Samir J. from Home Use on 12/29/2020

love the backyard pro double burner, you can simply take it any where and use it. we do banquets and catering and this product has been a life saver. the flames are powerful and the metal is pretty sturdy the sides do need to be more stronger but other then that it works great.

Gloria on 11/22/2019

I purchased this burner in 2016 and have used it 50-60 times for camp cooking in the woods, cook outs at home, tailgating and canning. It has held up well and is powerful enough to bring big pots of water to a boil quickly, like when I am boiling skins off several pounds of tomatoes to can, and is big enough to cook with both my 17" lodge skillets at the same time. It travels well and is very sturdy. The side shelves come in handy when I have a lot going on such as skillets on both burners and tending a grill set up next to it but I have never put anything to heavy on them. The only downside for me personally is that the included legs are not tall enough for me but I am 6'3" so others may not have this issue. I just put it on a table or the tailgate of my truck and it works out fine. I have been very pleased with the purchase.

Mark T. from Mark Thomson on 09/09/2019

It is awesomely powerful to work with my wok. It is suitable for stir frying, flash frying and all other different temperature requirements. One obvious mistake of the design is the height of the stove - the extended legs should be 2' instead of 1 1/2'.

Xyz Y. on 08/25/2019

Great addition to our outdoor cooking. We love how the two burners are powerful and have that "whooosh" sound when lighted. Our primary use for it is cast-iron deep fry and stir-fry. While the 25-inch height seem a little lower than normal, my wife thinks it's the perfect height for her and likes the bird-eye view of cooking. We had made some alterations to it such as fitting it with a 10-foot stainless hose, bolting down one of the shelves for sturdiness, and putting a 1/2 inch plywood on top to weigh it down while it's covered outside. It also helps prevent water from puddling on the crevice for the burners. Only time will tell how long this will last us, but we plan to have it covered while not in use so hopefully the rust would be minimal.

Hector T. on 02/17/2019

My husband and i love this backyard burner its east to move around and lots of space on side and middle. Just perfect love it

Angela P. on 11/27/2018

I made paellas on these. It seemed to have hot spots and didn't evenly warm the paella pans. We were able to deal with it but you have to constantly move the pans around since you not supposed to stir paella. The price was good and glad they were easy to store and move.

Doan H. on 09/07/2018

Thank you for your review, Doan! We are sorry this Backyard Pro Double Burner Outdoor Patio Stove / Outdoor Range with Side Shelves - 110,000 BTU has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Both on for my niece in new york for our annual 4th of July cook out work great i live in Florida came back got my self one did cooking for my nieces birthday party yesterday every was cooked in no time going to order one for my brother for his retirement gift he like to do outdoor cooking and likes to entertain he will be happy when he receives it a family that like to cook this is the way to go nice price too.

Marilyn F. from 1961 on 07/22/2018

For the price, I’m not complaining. I like the fact that the legs are extendable and that it is a very simple design. I wish there was an option to upgrade hose size. In California we need 10 ft hoses. There is no great way to increase the hose length without buying a complete other set of hose and regulator leading to more costs.

Valerie L. on 06/21/2018

This is a amazing double burner stove is very easy to install I recommend it for every body that what to get something like this.

Oluwatayo A. from Home Used on 04/08/2018

This unit is perfect for our Koshering Service Set Up. It get's the job done at the right temperature. Good buy overall, especially for Passover Holiday.

Michael M. from E-Z Edge, Inc on 03/16/2018

The best gas stove for camping will buy another one. Thats how good they are and easy to put together did not even used instructions

Maria F. on 03/06/2018

This outdoor burner has been a life-saver in our kitchen. We run a non-profit and are going through a remodel, but don't have any commercial grade equipment. I bought this burner to aid us in cooking for crowds and it has not disappointed me yet! It's sturdy enough to handle big saucepans and powerful enough to create intense heat for a wok. The shelves are fairly stable as well and can hold a decent amount of weight. The only downside is that the stove does not stand up off the ground very high. This is helpful for large pots that weigh a ton so you don't have to pick them up to high, but if you are sautéing or doing other cooking and are tall like me (6'2''), sometimes I wish it were a few inches higher. Other than that, this thing has already logged plenty of hours and I haven't had any issues with it yet.

Justin B. from YWAM Yosemite on 03/03/2018

I installed this in my house for regular outdoor usage like stocks and beans. So far it has been easy to use. I'm giving it 4 stars because it is very low to the ground. But for everything else, it;s light and easy to assemble.

Gabriel F. from Chicali Tacos on 01/15/2018

Wow this backyard pro double outdoor propane range is very nice it’s very convenient and very easy to use it’s got adjustments for each burner very nice

Mike R. from REGARDLESS on 11/03/2017

I got this to use that some catering jobs this summer time it's working great real nice very easy to put together and get set up and I can hold up to a 40 quart stock pot

Bistro L. from Place To Be Bistro on 08/21/2017

I ordered this two burner stove for my outdoor Food Cart for Main St Sliders. I pan fry eggs crepe pan frying. The shelf is great to stack get pans on the other shelf I use for food transfer to plate or take out container.

Don D. from Main St Sliders on 08/03/2017

we had to order this twice because the first one we got only one burner worked. we tired everything and changed the hoses and it still wasnt working. but after we got the 2nd one in the mail it worked perfect. it was better regulated than the single i got.

Lucia L. from Goldies Tacos on 06/12/2017

Shelves do NOT fold over the burners as advertised. Not only that but storing the shelves is awkward at best. Burners are also not centered relative to grates. When completing the install the burners pull towards the back of the unit creating an uneven heating system. can't center your cooking implement (pan/pot) on the center of the grate; need to pull back towards back to the unit to get even het distribution, which is a spill risk. Barring this issue the burners do perform well in the sense of putting out high heat.

Duncan T. on 05/01/2017

Thank you for the review! We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. Please remember our Customer Solutions team is there to help should you encounter any issues.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

When I got this stove I was wondering just how good it could be for the price. Well I have to pleasantly say it is great. Gives amazing heat and you can cook anything on it. Was able to boil a 5 gallon pot of water in about 5 minutes.

Sal D. from Fragrances On The Run on 03/06/2017

You don't have to have gas at home to use this is wonderful portable protective flame won't overburn 1 / jump fire protected with the wind just great

Katrina G. on 12/01/2016

Great stove .Very sturdy ,great fire and enough space to have 2 big pots .The sides are only strong enough to be used as a spoons rest

Janelle L. on 10/21/2016

This double burner is awesome!! We use it primarily for canning, but have also used it for cooking on the back deck when an extra burner is needed. Easy to set up and heats water quickly!

Wesley G. from Pomme De Terre Arms LLC. on 09/06/2016

This stove is amazing. It is simple setup and works great. Used it a couple of times and happy with the result. Packaging is cheap, broken inside the box. But, received all the parts. Instructions should have been more elaborate. Took 15-20 mins to setup. Working as expected. Happy with the purchase.

Srinivas B. on 07/24/2016

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