Bottles and Sprayers

Commercial-grade bottles and sprayers withstand potent cleaning chemicals.

Chemical Pumps

Quickly and accurately measure cleaning solutions with chemical pumps.

Jugs, Buckets, and Pails

Transport your cleaning supplies with industrial jugs, buckets, and pails.

Washdown Stations

We offer washdown stations for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Washdown Station Parts and Accessories

Maintain your equipment with washdown stations parts and accessories.

Hose Reels

Bring water where you need it with hand reels and hose reel accessories.

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By keeping your supply closet or washdown area stocked with sprayers, hoses, and buckets, you’ll be able to keep your kitchen, warehouse, lobby, or other space clean and sanitary. These products are easy to use and are meant to make the cleaning process easier for your janitorial staff. They’re also durably constructed for everyday use and will last you years of reliable service. Don’t forget to supply your employees with disposable gloves and dust masks for protection. You may also want to set out wet floor signs to warn guests of slippery surfaces after you’ve finished mopping!

Sprayers, Hoses, and Buckets Make Everyday Cleaning Tasks Simpler and More Efficient

Maintain a clean and sanitary facility by stocking your janitorial supply with our various sprayers and cleaning products. You’ll find a selection of spray bottles that can be filled with water or various cleaning solutions to easily spray onto surfaces. Choose from different capacities, and pick a compatible nozzle, as well.

You’ll find hoses of different lengths that you can mount inside or outside your business to rinse off dishes, clean sidewalks, and perform other cleaning tasks. Rather than filling a bucket up with water in the sink, these hoses allow you to simply leave the bucket on the floor to fill. Be sure to also browse our washdown stations that include a spray unit and valve, and use them inside or outside.