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Noble Chemical Dust-B-Gone 7 oz. Compressed Air DusterNoble Chemical Dust-B-Gone 7 oz. Compressed Air Duster


Reg.3 - 11 Lots of 12

Dusting Starter KitDusting Starter Kit


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PerfectData 1058421 Perfect Duster 10 oz. Compressed Air Duster


Reg.Lots of 12

Our furniture polish is designed to clean any wooden furniture while restoring its beautiful shine and luster. If you own a restaurant or hotel, use these cleaners to keep your business looking polished and professional! Some polishes also have a fragrant citrus smell that will refresh the air in your establishment as you clean. Choose from all different types of polishes, from sprays to wax pastes, to suit your needs. Check out our cleaning wipers, plastic polish, and metal polish for more housekeeping supplies. If you're wondering where to buy dust spray & furniture polish, we have a large selection of dust spray & furniture polish for sale at the lowest prices.