Refrigeration and Storage

Keep your sushi-grade fish and other ingredients in our refrigeration and storage units.

Japanese Cookware

Toss ingredients over high heat to make traditional stir-fry with our Japanese cookware.

Server Supplies

Provide your servers with the supplies they need serve guests at your Japanese restaurant.

Furniture & Table Décor

Complete your Japanese restaurant concept with elegant furniture and table decor.

Pair our great cooking ingredients with our selection of Japanese cookware, allowing you to prepare your dishes in high-quality stir fry woks and chop your ingredients with Asian cutlery. Be sure to browse our wide selection of Japanese-style dinnerware, giving your restaurant the capacity to present your dishes with traditional Japanese plating and utensils, as well as with more unique options like sushi boats and bento boxes. Complete the authentic Asian dining experience by outfitting your establishment with other Japanese restaurant supplies and decor like tables, seating, and covers. For more products that can help with your Japanese restaurant, check out our reusable chopsticks, teppanyaki griddles, and tasting plates.

Infuse Classic Japanese Flavors into Your Dishes with Our Japanese Restaurant Supplies

Elevate the flavors in your restaurant’s Japanese dishes with the help of our Japanese restaurant supplies. We offer everything you need to prepare authentic Japanese dishes like sushi and dumplings, giving you the resources to run a successful Japanese restaurant. Use our Japanese restaurant equipment like ranges, fryers, and ovens to ensure your kitchen has the capacity to produce a high volume of orders for Japanese dishes.

Stock up on our Japanese restaurant supplies to improve your kitchen’s ability to add Japanese flavor profiles to dishes. Our ingredients like soy sauce, cooking sauces, and glazes will give your dishes classic Japanese flavors and textures. Use these sauces in tandem with our dry ingredients like rice, spices, sesame seeds, and herbs to create flavor profiles that will blow your customers away.

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