Service Supplies

Find the perfect servingware for your authentic dishes with specialized service supplies that accommodate a variety of menu items.

Asian Cooking Supplies

Choose specialty cookware like hibachi grills and steamer sets that are designed to help prepare dishes from Asian cuisines.


To complete your meal service, purchase utensils like chopsticks and soup spoons that are made for accommodating Asian dishes.


With this beverageware, you can serve popular Asian drinks in cups and bottles that coordinate with your table settings.

Whether you need cookware to prepare specialized Asian dishes or you’re looking for dinnerware with Asian-inspired designs, our Asian dishes and tableware are perfect for you. Choose from an array of cookware, servingware, and utensils that accommodate your restaurant’s unique menu items. Best of all, many of these products are available for purchasing in bulk, so you can always be stocked and ready for mealtime rushes. For related products, check out our Asian condiments, Asian dry goods, and rice.

Enhance Your Table Settings and Serve Authentic Foods with Asian Dishes and Tableware

If your restaurant serves Asian cuisine, these tabletop supplies can help you make specialty dishes and decorate your space with a cohesive look. Many of these products feature details that are inspired by Asian styles of art and design, so they can coordinate with your existing decor. Plus, you can find items to help you throughout the food preparation process, including cooking supplies and serving dishes.

We carry many types of Asian restaurant tabletop supplies, so you can find all the components you need for your table settings. To serve your authentic menu items in specialized dishes, consider pho bowls, sushi servingware, and bento boxes. We also offer dim sum equipment of all kinds, including carts and steamer sets. Plus, you can find unique utensils like Chinese soup spoons and chopsticks, as well as sake cups and bottles to complete your food and beverage service.