Protective Gloves

Whether you operate a medical office or a welding, landscaping, or warehousing business, we supply the gloves you need to remain operational.

Protective Footwear

No matter the environment, waterproof and non-slip work boots and overshoes protect your feet from debris and keep you comfortable all day long.

Protective Eyewear

From full-coverage face shields and impenetrable goggles to long-wearing safety glasses, we supply protective eyeware supplies that prevent vision impairment.

Head & Face Protection

Provide head and face protection devices to prevent the spread of viruses, shield falling debris, and assist with breathing.

Hearing Protection

Prevent hearing loss, tinnitus, and disorientation by keeping hearing protection devices on-hand during crisis situations.

Protective Shields

Implement protective shields to create a dining or business environment guests are comfortable patronizing.

Fall Protection

Ensure that your workers stay safe while working up high by using our selection of fall protection equipment to keep them secure.

Back Support Belts

Back support belts are ergonomic accessories designed to provide comfort and lumbar support to individuals engaged in physically demanding tasks.

Wrist Straps

Keep your staff safe by shopping from our selection of wrist straps.

Whether you're looking to prevent diseases like coronavirus, influenza, or norovirus, our personal protection equipment can help your guests feel safe entering your establishment. We carry a wide selection of cashier shields and sneeze guards to provide a barrier not only between your staff and your customers, but between personnel and food items as well. These protective barriers are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find one to fit your unique space. You can also find more protection products, including disposable gloves and sanitizing chemicals right here on our site.

Protect Your Customers and Staff From Infectious Illnesses by Using PPE Equipment

Incorporate PPE equipment into your restaurant floor plan and design layout to keep your customers and employees safe. PPE products are designed to help limit the transmission of germs from person to person, whether those germs are airborne or on surfaces. Adding PPE items to your business may slow the spread of infectious diseases and make your establishment more attractive to customers.

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