Emergency Medical Supplies

Medical supplies provide your establishment with the tools to handle accidents and emergencies.

Cleanroom Supplies

Maintain a dependable, safe, and sanitary cleanroom by shopping from our versatile selection of cleanroom supplies.

Commercial Security Cameras & Equipment

Enhance the security of your premises with the addition of state-of-the-art commercial security cameras and surveillance supplies.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Protect your staff and customers from disasters like fires by installing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

Hose Reels

In the case of a fire, space-saving commercial hose reels provide fast and easy access to large volumes of water.

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330 Products

Protective Clothing

Protect your staff from dangerous pathogens and other contaminants by outfitting them with protective clothing.

Oily Waste Cans

Dispose of oil- or solvent-soaked materials safely and prevent the risk of a fire hazard with our commercial oily waste cans.

Traffic Safety Supplies

Traffic safety supplies create a safe and organized parking experience for daily operations and large events.

Safety Signs

Post safety signs throughout your facility and parking lot to ensure employees and customers proceed with caution.

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Ice Melt

Maintain the exterior of your establishment ice-free with ice melt to help eliminate falls from winter weather.

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Exit Door Alarms

Provide a secure space for your employees and patrons by installing exit door alarms.

Lockout Boxes

Capture keys in lockout boxes to lock out large equipment and reduce injuries and accidents.

Hazard and Pipe Labels

Use hazard and pipe labels to identify the contents of pipes and specify potential risks of different areas or equipment.

Power Supplies

Properly prepare your establishment for any electrical emergency or power outage with the right power supplies.

Industrial Thermometers & Data Loggers

Accurately monitor the temperature of your establishment’s critical areas by using industrial thermometers and data loggers.

Safety Tape, Treads, & Seals

Use non-skid tape to help prevent slips and antimicrobial film to protect high contact surfaces in your establishment

Industrial Curtain Walls & Noise Barriers

Use industrial curtain walls and noise barriers to create temporary barricades around workspaces and equipment, providing inexpensive protection for employees.

Outdoor Privacy Screens

Outdoor privacy screens create a secluded environment for construction and outdoor maintenance projects.

Industrial Probes

Durable, economical wholesale industrial probes quickly and accurately gauge temperatures.

Industrial Metal Detectors

Maximize security at your sports arena, school, or event center with industrial metal detectors.

Investing in industrial safety products not only helps protect customers and staff from getting seriously hurt but also helps mitigate or prevent property damage from occurring. Our power supplies like generators and power strips help appliances run even during power outages and protect them from dangerous power surges. Also, don’t forget to check out our industrial thermometers and data loggers, as they can help ensure that areas of your business stay at exactly the temperature you need them to be at. For more products that can make your workspace and employees safer check out our selection of work safety shoes, cashier shields, and disposable gloves.

Reduce the Risk of Accidents and Injuries in Your Workplace with the Use of Industrial Safety Products

No matter what type of establishment you operate, your staff and customers can be vulnerable to accidents. Many different types of accidents and emergencies have the potential of occurring in your business, including fires, falls, and many other unwanted scenarios. Thankfully, industrial safety products help mitigate the threat these events pose to your business or even eliminate them altogether.

Our various fire extinguishers help protect your staff and business from burns and fire damage, allowing you to stamp out fires before they get out of control. Additionally, ensure that your workplace is prepared to assuage a variety of injuries with our quality first aid kits. You’ll also find that we have a wide array of personal safety gear that your employees can use, helping them to prevent minor physical injuries that may occur on the job.

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