Emergency Supplies

Emergency supplies are necessary to have in a restaurant, kitchen, and office. Find everything you need to keep your commercial space prepared.

First Aid

Keep your guests and employees safe with a well-stocked first aid kit. We carry gauze, alcohol wipes, eye-wash solution, and other supplies you many need.

Food and Water

Stock up your pantry with water and non-perishable food supplies such as canned foods and snacks to keep your business prepared in the event of an emergency.


We offer the essential tools you may need in an emergency situation, including batteries, matches, filtration systems, and other maintenance tools.

Safety Apparel

Ensure that employees and guests have all of the safety apparel they need to stay safe on the job. Browse a wide variety of safety apparel.

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Storage Supplies

Use these storage supplies to keep food or textiles out of the elements. Choose from the different types of storage supplies we offer.

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We offer a variety of emergency supplies that your business needs. Be prepared by having tools, safety apparel, storage supplies, food, and water on hand. Safety supplies help keep your employees and customers protected when working or visiting your commercial space. Choose from a variety of related supplies like cleaning chemicals, food storage supplies, and non-slip shoes.

Stock Up on Necessary Emergency Supplies to Make Sure You’re Fully Prepared

Easily prepare your commercial space for all kinds of weather, work, or emergency situations. Being prepared for any scenario is important, especially when it comes to keeping employees safe. Provide your employees and facility with the proper emergency supplies to stay safe and prepared.

From emergency lights and first aid kits to wholesale water and dry goods, it’s easy to find exactly what you need to stock up. Easily store rice, grains, beans, canned food, and more on shelves. Provide the best safety apparel and safety stations to all employees with our selection of emergency supplies.