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Expand Your Restaurant's Offerings with Vegan and Plant-Based Foods

It’s never been easier to add delicious vegan foods to your menu with our collection of plant-based foods. The increasing demand for foods that don’t contain animal products has led many restaurant owners to update their menus to provide healthy, vegan options that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of dietary preferences. We carry plant-based items and ingredients across all food categories to help you prepare vegan dishes for your guests.

Non-dairy milks, vegan condiments, and plant-based ingredients provide the building blocks to creating an appetizing dish with no animal products. Faux-meat products from popular brands allow you to add alternative burger options to your menu. Don’t forget to top them off with our non-dairy vegan cheeses!

Whether you run an all-vegan restaurant or you just want to update your menu to be more inclusive of dietary restrictions, our bulk plant-based foods will help you to create popular dishes without any animal products. Non-dairy milk alternatives have become very popular, even with non-vegans, so it makes sense to include an almond, oat, or other nut milk options at your coffee shop. Don’t forget, you can avoid possible contamination issues in your kitchen by using designated color-coded kitchen tools for preparing vegan foods.