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Since 1931, Gold Medal has been providing a wide selection of concession stand equipment to the foodservice industry. Additionally, they provide many replacement parts and accessories that you can use to repair and maintain your concession stand equipment. Read more

Gold Medal products include all of the parts and accessories you need to keep your equipment running smoothly. This includes everything from circuit breakers and light bulbs to contactors and bearings. Additionally, all Gold Medal products are built with quality materials and careful design, ensuring that they can lengthen the lifespan of your existing equipment.

Gold Medal Circuit Breakers

Gold Medal Circuit Breakers

Use Gold Medal circuit breakers to cut off current flow in your appliances if they experience over current, overload, or short circuit.

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Gold Medal Cotton Candy Machine Parts and Accessories

Gold Medal Cotton Candy Machine Parts and Accessories

Choose Gold Medal cotton candy machine parts and accessories to keep your party hosting facility or carnival stand's cotton candy maker running smoothly.

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