Gobel Bakeware

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Gobel Bakeware Products Help You to Create Perfect Cakes and Tarts

Gobel bakeware has a rich history in the baking industry, beginning in 1887 when Etienne Gobel opened a Paris factory for manufacturing copper and tin baking molds. The business was very successful, and by the 1930s the Gobel brand was producing over 2,000 different bakeware products. Later in the 1940s, the company became recognized as a global supplier of baking molds and tins. Read more

Gobel bakeware products help bakers to streamline their bakery operation and produce professional-looking pastries and cakes. They manufacture specialty molds for baked goods that have a signature shape, like savarin cake, as well as fluted quiche and tart pans. Made with removable bottoms for easy release, Gobel bakeware products feature non-stick coatings and can be made of stainless steel, tin, or aluminum.